Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 29

Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 29
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periodical Publisher
Hodges & Smith, Dublin, 1840
periodical Editor
Edward Bunting
periodical Title
Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland
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ijj-Ji rrr1HG-A B C I) E F U ( A B C E F A B C I) E F (1 A B C UMEThOD OF TUNING USED BY THE OLD HARPERS.Tuned fur high bass key.Ii Ii Ir- - i t ri111 octaves to the top 1011511 ill octaves to the bottoui.tj I irC s1iarp, occasiona 1y tUflC(I to F sharp, (a fifth.)The Irish harp had no string for F sharp. between B and G in the bass, probably l)eeallse it had umn concordin their scale for that tone, either major or minor ; but this E in time bass, called Teadleethac, or Jhlien String,in the natural key termed Leath Glass, being altered to F natnral, a senuitoule higher when the melody requiredit, and the sharp Fs, through the instrument being previously lowered a semitone, the key was thou calledTeadleagnidlie, the fit/lie string, or high bass key.This is the number of strings indicated by the string links on the sound hoard of the ancient Irish harp, nowiii Trinity College, Dublin, erroneously called Brian Boironmhjes harp, and was the usual nunther of stringsfound on all the harps at the Belfast meeting, in 1792.It will be observed by tile musical critic, that only two major keys, viz., G one sharp, and C natural, wereperfect in thci (liatome intervals on the Irish harp ; but the harpers also made use of two ancient diatonic minorkeys, (neither of them perfect according to the mO(lerfl scale,) viz., E one sharp, and A natural. They sometimesmade use of D natural minor, which was still more imperfect, though sonic of their airs were performed iii thatkey, and were thought extremely agreeable by many persons. The harpers said that this single note, C sharp, was sometimes made use of, but the Editor seldom metith an instance of it.Li _____::- i_i I I JJ II t-i IItANCIENT MUSIC OF IRELAND. 23SCALE OF THE IRISH hARP OF THIRTY STRINGS, TUNED IN TIlENATURAL KEY, TERMED,Learli ELects, or lwJJ note./ 2 . 4 6 2 gI 9 JO 4% ..J. !1 ,g /7 / 519 O 22 2
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Edward Bunting
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Bunting - The Ancient Music of Ireland

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