Song Lore of Ireland, The, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5

Song Lore of Ireland, The, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5
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The Baker & Taylor Co., New York, 1911
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Song Lore of Ireland, The
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FOREWORDv i i song in the daily life of the people. Fairy mythologyand spirit lore and the tales of the Red Branch andthe Fianna lead naturally -to a discussion of the morestrictly historic aspect of Irish song. The last fourchapters are practically a history in verse and mel-ody of the struggle of the Irish with the strangerfrom the field of Clontarf to the Dawning of theDay of relative freedom.The writers thanks are due to Dr. Patrick W.Joyce and Dr. Douglas Hyde for their kindly in-terest and the permission to use musical and poeticexamples. Obligation to Dr. George SigersonsBards of the Gad and Gall, to the poems of Mr.Arthur Perceval Graves and Mr. William ButlerYeats is also gladly acknowledged.CONTENTSCI-IAPTm PAaFOREWORDI. Tri BEGINNINGSII. Tn BARDS AND MINSTRELS .III. How THE SONGS CAME DOWN TO UsTV. THE NATURE OF Inisn Music .V. SONGS OF Joy AND Sonaow .VI. SONGS OF WORK AND PLAYVII. SONGS OF FAmuE AND THE SPIRIT WORLDVIII. SONGs OF PAGAN CHIVALRY .IX. GAEL AND GALLX. TIlE CURSE OF CROMWELLXI. Tu JACOBITE ILLUSIONXII. THE DAWNING OF THE DAY .Er.Ex.Er.Er.Er.Er.Er.Er.Er.Er.Er.Ex.Er.Mu.sical IllustrationsI. Tn CouLuc2. THE COULIN AS SUNG IN GLARES. THE COULIN EMBROIDERED BY HARPERS4. MAJoR SCALE OF C5. CELTIC SCALE6. LIMERICK, AIR BASED ON FIVE-NOTE SCALE7. THE LAST ROSE8. MY LOVES AN ARBUTUS9. thxo ixm x SCALE10. SCALE OF G MAJOR11. HYPODORIAN SCALP12. SCALE OF A MINOR15. 0 ARRANMORE11444 .598811218716818922624929054555760606068656868686869
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Mason, Redfern
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The Song Lore of Ireland

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