O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 6

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 6
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
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CLASSIFIED INDEXMany tunes in this volume are known by more than one nameAll supplementary names in theindex are followed by the word Sm which directs the inquirer to the tune sought under its publishedname in this collection. The figures refer to the number of the tune and not to the paging.In this Index the prelin1ina .ry article The in names is omitted. For example in looking forThe Garden of Daisies search must be made under the letter G and not T.BBad luck to this marching.. .....see 202Ballyhooly .10T3ani h misfort urn. 53Banks of Ahasnagli see 68Banks of Lough (owna 204Ilarefoot boy 278Bark is on the swehlini hnr , . . . c cBarney ONeill 990Bal ronstown races 248Bashful maid 247Basket of turf 32hay of Bantry see 105Be easy you rogu& 299Beatties frolics see 174Before I was married 913Behind the hayst tek 141Belles of Lisearrnll 339Beside the Bann . s 91 (1Besom in bloom 70Beesy Murphy 177Best in the bag 113Biddy Maloney 224Bidd%S wedding 201Billy Barlow 2Billy McCormick 341Billy Patterson e-e 13Black Donald the piper 172Blaekeyed Bidly . . . . 911Black rogue 302Blarney, pilgrim . . . 291Blazing turf 6Cc 57Bhivens favorite cc 231Binmuing nnidott . . ... 104Blue bonnets ii r 2(18Bobbinc for eels . . sc 145Bojlel goats 195Bold John (YLu-ary 262Book of rights 60Bouehnieen baw . SIC 158Bouchaicen Onie 34Boneha n oaiBounce upon Tbs, 5 e 198Bowlegged tailor 131Boy from the nioruntrun 192Boys from BaIli i fid . 195Boys of T-icllin iniOre 167Boys of Bockhlli see 13Boys of Coomanore 275DOUBLE JIGS.CCastle Donovan 26Castle street jig sec 24a tlct (WI I onuers 324(ii and the bacon 108Cat iii the corner 199(irulil Stewin 165I harley the praveiiiistr 122(hicer up. oil h.tg C 110( heri h the ladies 29Chorus jig 142Church hill 343(haneys frolics 351(lay pipe sea 245(hills of Moher 121(lose to the thou , 220((lien dhas dhnun nc 151( ollonih a thusa ce 138Cotk in the heath cc 189(Onic. all mu gon.i feliun s 1 188(0 1 1w aIon with me 337(one in the evening e 34(one now or stay 216I oitw 10 doer 228(o we to till- 1 iffi, cc ISS(owe 110011 lilV 1 ,iaitidie e 302(owe with IIIC 110W 312(on Caseys jig 73(onions frolics 100Couuiiehtman. the sre 2 (11(nunachi mans ranihles 91$(none tile sr0 ,lwr 67(,,ok in the kitchen 12(note itnient i wiiilth 2$(orovoth jig v 96,, intv Linierick huekhunl see 132Co urtneys favori+e (1(r.ils in tie ckiliet 306Irinnie with the crutches see 671r01 ins frolies . - .338(rno tin cap see 161(rcw - inc the hogs SCO 68DDairvmaid, the 292D,inein master 18.3Dandy bonnet,.... .. 173Daniel of the Still 200NAME 2 ItMBERDaniel ORonrke 50Dan the cobbler sec 5Darby the driver 64Day after the fair a 102Delaneys cirunimers 305l)enis Delaney 7Phonal na greina sCe 200Dick Sullivans favorite 227Doctor ONeill 6Dohertys fancy 82Dow vhrook boy :e 984Donnybrook fair se-c 79Dont be teasing 350I),jwn the river 336Down with tilC tithes see 304i)o you want any more- 5 33Drink of tills CU sec 178Drive the e-ows home 77Drogheda. wearers 301Dunmanwav lasses 194EEast at Gienclart see 19Easter Snnday 161)KavesIropper 17Ella Rosenberg see 219End of the day 175Exiles lament see 202FFaihaired boy 158Fairy haunts sec 146Fairy jig 319Fardciwn farmer 237larc-wc lh to my troubles 1$4Fasten the leg in her 120Fae en the wig Ca her sec 120Father Dolinrl favorite 36Fttiier Fieldings favorite 219Father .Tack Walsh 136Father OCarrohi 1071 , itb,r OFlymi see 244lather Tonis wager 220li1X tile wrestler 255Piddiers heaven 62Field of flowers 269Finertys frolic 231Fire in the InountlinS see 13First night in America 1121ishernian.s widow 1631-i hin for eels 145Five hundred a ye-ar .. . s e 257Fl ixdresser 98Hitch of Bacon 249Flowers of Dunitarvan 348Foot of tile mountain . 331Friend of my heart .., .Frieze breeches 260From the court to the cottage see 200Frost is all over 313Full moon 3220Gaelic ClimbGalloping young thing 3004 ) ,. (F 7/s b i1, ,7 7 S ANAME a (MOORAbsent-minded man 254A draught of ale 15(1All alive 9(15All covered with III0SS 58A merry Christmas 103Angry peeler 251A night at tile fair. . . 63An Irisilillalls heart to the indies see 978Antrim lasses 154Apples in winter 3 ( 5)A trip to Galwny 345A trip to tile cottage 74A trip to tile Gargie s 203At tie . ide of tile road . . . . .51 e 119A visit to Ireland - . . 39N. .ME Nt MilERPois of tile lough C 149Boys of tile town 89Breicli,s Mary 205Bridal jig 311)Ilriek I rich had see 142Brik young mci SIC 142Pryan OLvnn 221lluekv II ighlander Sc e 900iufly for you 200Punch of grccil lushe see :1(12Bundle and go 32Hung oiii eve 142P,uteliers lllal ,h 12711(11 te1illilk Mary 217By your leave, Larry (irlOCan c e 132
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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