Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 5, Issue 23, Page 41

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 5, Issue 23, Page 41
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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NOTES.AmBy Carplan. It was obtained from Arthur ONeill, and is reproduced inBunting (1809), p. 18, in the same key,but slightly altered in several places. Thereis a better variant, entitled Lady Dillon, in Thompsons Hiberajan Muse (c. 1786),p. 0; this also includes the jig at the end. The tune is also in Carolaa (1780),p. 14 as Young Lady Dillon.In the Joly Gift in the National Library, Dublin. bound between NealesChoice Cdflecfjon. of the Newest Airs and Minue ,g (c. 1726) and Neales SecondCollection of English Air8 and Minuets (c. 1726), is a book of airs in MS., evidentlyold, though it would be difficult to determine its date. On page 44 of this bookis a fragment of an air, headed Miss Dillon, which is a variant of the jig to RoseDillon. It consists of the first part of the jig and the first three bars of thesecond.In his Iri8h Min8trel8y (1831), vol. I, p. lvii, Hardiman includes in a list ofCarola.ns compositions Counsellor Dillon and Rose Dillon, both of the noble houseof Lough Glyn, which is in County Roseommon, not far from the Mayo border.The air Counsellor Dillon is on p. 54 of Thompsons Hibernian Muse (c. 1786)and p. 39 of Muihollands Collection of Ancient Irish Airs (1810). No words havebeen discovered, either in print or hIS., to Counsellor Dillon or Rose Dillon.8125. SgarUlnt Na gCompnaoh.(Tnn PAItTING OF Coain.u Es.)TITLE: 1796, p. 14, no. 2 : Sgarfuint na ccompanachThe Parting of Friends;MS.: Scarroon na gompanagh. See Note on Title below.4r Efi r r rj-rrlIi ca thaoir ar cba.-tbaolr an Ohathaoir fo gcaoiniom,Acht Jr ir i i jCathaoir ba taitbneamhaigbe aS catbaoir rioghtha. Nfr - J iJ r; iJ r jiJCa thaolr I gsa thao lr 6 chat tbeaah an d l - le Ba UflT ]J Ir r ii . Itaitbneanhaighe n6 no Cba.-thaolr, aS Cathacir a teisma 6.MS. 29, p. 167: No key- or time-signature. A Added by editors. B This notemight be read as 0 in the MS. C This bar is repeated in the MS. 0 Minim in MS.25A. Cathaolr Mhac Cba.I. NI cathaoir mar chathaoir an Ohathaoir fo gcaoiniom,Ach Oathaoir ha taitneamhaighe n oathaoir na rloghtha.Nior shuidh Cathaoir i gcathaoir 6 chaitheamh an dueBa taitneamhaighe nd mo Chathaoir, ad Cathaoir a tsiams d.II. Ba til seabhac na collie craebhaighe no dachtach chloinne UI Bhaoisgne,Bradi n ruadh na h] irne, ad mo lOan tO bheith claoidhte.A charaid mo chldibh-ae, mar dubhairt Ddirdre le Naoise,Nd dtiocfa. tii gam fhdachain l igin don mhl seo?MS. 7, no. 128. MS. readings: I, 2, A for Aeh II. 4, so for seo.TRANSLATION..CRABLaS MACC&Bn.I. The Cathaoir for whom I weep is no common cathaoir,But a Cathaoir more splendid than the cathaoir of kings.No Cathaoir sat on a cathaoir since the time of the floodWho was more splendid than my Cathaoir, the delightful one.80F
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 5, Issue 23

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