Piper’s Choice 4

On this recording, three masters of the uilleann pipes play favourite pieces
for the instrument, and explain their approach to the pipes and to the
music, giving viewers an insight into the processes of choice and necessity
that bring great piping into existence.

Seán Potts

1. Reel: Colonel Frazer
2. Jigs: Doctor O’Neill’s, The Morning Lark
3. Air: Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
4. Reels : The Beauty Spot , The Pigeon on the Gate
5. Hornpipes: The Derry Hornpipe, The Liverpool Breakdown
6. Air & Reels: Eochaill, The New Policeman, The Geese in the Bog

Peter Browne

7. Reels: The Cat that Ate the Candle , Julia Delaney’s
8. Jigs: TheShores of Lough Gowna , The Yellow Wattle
9. Air & Slide: Caoinead Ui Neill, Denis Murphy’s
10. Polkas: As I went out Upon The Ice & The Ballydesmond
11. Hornpipes: Fitzgerald’s & Callaghan’s
12. Reels: The Fox on the Prowl & Finbar Dwyer’s

Brian McNamara

13. Air & reel: The Bright Lady, The Little Hills of Offaly
14. Hornpipes: The Groves,
15. Jigs: TheTrip to Athlone, When Sick is it Tea you Want, The Humours
of Drinagh
16. Hornpipes : The City of Savanah, The Woods of Kilcooley, the Not
so Bashful Batchelor
17. Air: Ag Taisteal Na Blárnan
18. Reels: The Basket of Oysters, The Kerry Lassie

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