Pipers Choice Vol 13

Piper’s Choice 13

Our thirteenth volume of Piper’s Choice includes pipers from Meath, Wexford and Kansas, USA. All three bring an individual approach to the instrument and the music. Presented by Peter Browne.

Éanna Ó Cróinín
  1. Slip Jigs: Gan Ainm, Pol Ruaidh, Pilip an Cheóig
  2. Air: Caoineadh Uí Néill
  3.  Reels: Tom King’s Reel,Last Night’s Fun
  4.  Marches: Ó Donnell Abú, The Boys of Wexford, Kelly the Boy From Killane, The Wearing of the Green
  5. Air: The Lament for Staker Wallace
  6. Jigs: An Fhuiseóg ar Maidin,Tá’n Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae
Mark Redmond
  1. Air, Reel: Liam Ó Raghallaigh, Hugh Canning’s Reel
  2. Jigs: Courtown Harbour, The Cook in the Kitchen
  3. Reels: The Wexford Lasses, The West Wind
  4. Hornpipes: Colclough’s Hornpipe, The Fisherman’s Hornpipe
  5. Air and Hornpipe: Amhrán na Leabhar, The Peacock’s Feather
  6. Reels: O’Connor Don Reel, The Yeoman’s Reel, The New Post Office
Kieran O’Hare
  1. Air: Síle Ní Ghadhra
  2. Air: The Kerry Woman’s Lament
  3. Lullaby and Fling: Seo Uileó Thoil, Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair
  4. Set Dance: Seán Ó Duibhir A’ Ghleanna
  5. Jig and Air: The Gold Ring, An Raibh Tú ar an gCarraig?
  6. Reels: Willie Clancy’s, The Shaskeen

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