Piper’s Choice 1

On this recording, three masters of the uilleann pipes play favourite pieces for the instrument, and explain their approach to the pipes and to the music, giving viewers an insight into the processes of choice and necessity that bring great piping into existence.

Liam O’Flynn

1. Cath Céim An Fhia (Slow Air)
2. The Humours of Castle Bernard / O’Callaghan’s (Hornpipes)
3. Kitty’s Rambles / The Humours of Ennistymon (Jigs)
4. Dark Lochnagar (Slow Air)
5. Jackie Fitzpatrick’s / Garrett Barry’s (Reels)
6. The Queen of the Fairies (Hornpipe)

Tommy Keane

7. An Buachaillín Buí / East of Glendart (Jigs)
8. Roaring Mary / Rolling in the Rye Grass (Reels)
9. The Bright Lady (Slow Air)
10. The Buck in the Woods / The Rambling Pitchfork (Jigs)
11. The Flags of Dublin / The First House in Connaught (Reels)
12. The Buck From the Mountain / The Frisco Hornpipe (Hornpipes)

Ronan Browne

13. Moll Roe / An Phis Fhliuch (Slip Jigs)
14. The Old Man Rocking the Cradle (Slow Air)
15. The Flogging Reel / Boil the Breakfast Early (Reels)
16. Cnocán An Teampaill (Jig)
17. Port na bPucaí (Slow Air)
18. Mary Brennan’s Favourite / The Fowler on the Moor (Single Jig/Fling)

Presented by Peter Browne

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