Pipers Choice 9

Piper’s Choice 9

Seán McKeon, Kevin Rowsome, Pat Mitchell

Seán McKeon

  1. The Flax in Bloom, The Boys of Ballinahinch
  2. Caisleán Dhún Guaire, Willie Clancy’s
  3. Port Seán Potts, The Humours of Glin
  4. The Lark in the Clear Air, Planxty Davis
  5. The Pleasures of Hope, The Smell of the bog
  6. The Dublin Lads, The Master’s Return

Kevin Rowsome

  1. The Ace & Deuce of Piping
  2. The Last of the Twins, The Faithful Friend
  3. The Mummer’s Jig, Tim the Turncoat
  4. O’Rahilly’s Grave
  5. Apples in Winter, Port an Bhráthair
  6. O’Reilly from Rathcarn, Johnny Cope

Pat Mitchell

  1. The Old Hag in the Kiln
  2. The Repeal of the Union
  3. Scuaibín an Chait, Fitzgerald’s
  4. The Battle of Aughrim
  5. The Foggy Dew
  6. Castlekelly

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