Piper Choice 11

Piper’s Choice 11

Pádraig McGovern, Pat Broderick, Néillidh Mulligan

Pádraig McGovern

  1. The Music Book, The Maid That Dare not Tell
  2. Mary Casey’s, Carrageen Rua
  3. Cath Cheim an Fhia & The Fairy Troop
  4. The Frost is All Over,John Dwyer’s, East of Glendart
  5. Old Man Quinn, Dunsaneir, The Little Bag of Spuds
  6. Siobhanin Seo, Kissing and Drinking

Pat Broderick

  1. McGettrick’s & Lad O’Beirne’s Favourite
  2. The Haunted House & The Banshee’s Wail
  3. Air
  4. The Harlequin & The Rover Through the Bog
  5. The Blackbird & The Job of Jouneywork
  6. The Pigeon on the Gate & The Old Pigeon on the Gate

Neillidh Mulligan

  1. The Lark’s March
  2. Tom Mulligan’s & The Cuckoo’s Nest
  3. CatrÍona Rua
  4. Rolling in the Rye Grass & The Wise Maid
  5. The Centenary & Packie Mc Partlands
  6. Barr Na Cuille

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