A New Dawn

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Patrick J. ‘Patsy’ Touhey
1. Reels: The Shaskeen

Mikie Smyth
2. Jigs: The Trip o Athone/The Hag With The Money
3. Slip Jigs: Dan O’Keefe’s/Nóra Chríona
4. Air: An Bonnán Buí

Darragh Murphy
5. Reels: The Drake’s Neck/Trim The Velvet
6. Jigs: Patsy Tuohy’s Frolics/Unknown
7. Hornpipe/Reel: Byrne’s Hornpipe/The Torn Coat

Louise Mulcahy
8. Jigs: When Sick Is It Tea You Want?/The Grouse In The Bag
9. Hornpipes: The Pleasures of Hope/Alexander’s Hornpipe
10. Reels: The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn/Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel

Eliot Grasso
11. Reels: Spike Island Lasses/Miss Susan Cooper/Kilty Town
12. Jigs: Wheels Of The World/Hardiman The Fiddler/Kitty, Will You Come Down To Limerick?
13. Reels: Rakish Paddy/Ronnie Cooper

Ciarán Ó Briain
14. Air: The Lament For Staker Wallis
15. Hornpipe: Poll Halpenny
16. Jigs: An Rógaire Dubh/Kitty’s Rambles

Conor McKeon
17. Reels: Miss Monaghan/The Tempest/Ronnie Cooper
18.Hornpipes: The Tailor’s Twist/The Cuckoo’s Nest
19. Reels: The rainy Day/The Scholar

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