Mná Na bPíob Uilleann – Volume 1

Na Píobairí Uilleann presents the first unique recording in a series which is a representation of the many female uilleann pipers playing both in Ireland and internationally. The artists featured in this recording present a wide range of styles, reflecting their personalities, influences, geographical locations and their own musical tastes. 

Emer Mayock
Slip Jigs: The Moleskin Breeches, The Humours of Ballymanus (3:13)
2) Reels: Tony Moran’s, The New Mama’s Pot (2:05)
3) Jigs: Killaturley Jig, Delia Henry’s Jig (2:42)

Rita Farrell
Hornpipes: Alexander’s, Higgins’ (3:20)
5) Reels: I’m Waiting for You, Bonnie Kate (3:34)
6) Barndance: If There Weren’t Any Women in the World

Muireann Ní Shé
Air & Jig: The Bright Lady, Garrett Barry’s (3:56)
8) Reels: Polly Put the Kettle On, Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie (2:50)
9) Slip Jigs: Seithín Seo, Slip Jig 80b (3:04)

Claire Fennell
10)Jigs: The Trip to Athlone, The Maid at the Spinning Wheel (3:43)
11) Reels: Corney is Coming, The Strawberry Blossom (2:37)
12) Air: Slán le Máigh (3:21)

Marion McCarthy
13) Reels: The Connaught Heifers, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn (2:07)
14) Jigs: The High Part of the Road, Bímís ag Ól (2:21)
15) Hornpipes: The Old Blackbird, Madame If You Please (3:09)

Maeve O’Donnell
16) Air: An Bonnán Buí (4:39)
17) Piece & Hop Jig: The Raven’s Rock, The Silver Slipper (2:33)
18) Barndance & Reel: Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s, Black Pat’s (4:41)

Pamela Schweblin
19) Hornpipes: The Maids of Ballinacliffy, John Nestor in Action (3:38)
20) Harp Tune: Miss Hamilton (3:10)
21) Reels: The Dancer’s Delight, The Worn Tambourine (4:30)

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