Legacy – The Dunne Family

Mickey Dunne and his daughters. Bríd and Niamh, have put together this very special CD of songs, traditional music and self penned compositions. It is truly a work of love and when you listen to the arrangements you will agree that indeed it is a class act. Altogether a beautiful CD which I would put on a pedestal alongside anything I’ve ever heard in or out of Ireland. Thank you for all the music and special friendship. Always the heart Mickey. What a lovely musical family.’ Finbar Furey , 2004. 

1. The Emigrant Suite/The Gathering (hornpipe)/The Pipers Turn (Jig)/Round the House and Mind the Dresser (Reel)/The Parting (Air). 6.44
2. Listen, Listen (Song). 4.16
3. An Raibh Tu ar an gCarraig (Air)/Paddy Fahy’s/Denis Cooney’s (Jigs). 4.28
4. March From Scipio/The Bag of Spuds/The Maid Behind the Bar (Reels). 3.58
5. Strike The Gay Harp/Jimmy Ward’s/The Dobermans Wallet (Jigs). 5.23
6. Cath Ceim an Fhia (Air). 5.28
7. Paddy Dunne’s/The Bees Wing (Hornpipes)/Kevin Carey’s (Reel). 4.58
8. Green Grow The Laurels (Song). 4.10
9. The Humours Of Peacock’s Town (Air)/Bonnie Kate (Reel). 4.22
10. Geary’s (Jig)/Colonel Frazer/The Bucks of Oranmore (Reels). 6.00
11. Slip Jig (Michael Rooney)/Francis Ward’s (Slipjigs). 2.30
12. The County Down (Song). 4.58
13. The Highest Hill in Sligo (Reel). 1.55
14. The Mullingar Races/Maudabawn Chapel/McFadden’s (Reels). 4.58

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