Good Enough Music For Them Who Love It – Nicolas Brown

Good Enough Music For Them Who Love It by Nicolas Brown – A selection of Historic Tunes played on the Irish or Union Pipes.

”The Bag-pipe is good enough Musick for them who love it; but sure it is not so good as the Almain Whistle. With us any Captain may keep a Piper in his Company, and maintain him too, for no pay is allowed him, perhaps just as much as he deserveth.” – Sir James Turner, “Pallas Armata” (1683) 

1. Daniel The Sun (Jig) 05:57
2. Darby Carey – The Humours of Shannon (Hop Jigs) 02:02
3. The Black Bird (Slow Air) 03:32
4. Salamanca Waltz – The Waterford Waltz (Waltzes) 04:02
5. Laustrum Poney (Jig March) 03:16
6. The Oyster Wive’s Rant – Jumping Joan (Reels) 02:15
7. The Drought – The Irish Hop Pickers – The Sheep Shearers (Slip Jigs) 04:33
8. Past One O’Clock (Slow Air) 06:42
9. The Life We Love – Bung Your Eye – Lovely Mally (Jigs) 04:47
10. Overture to Oscar and Malvina (Piece) 06:02
11. The Battle from Oscar and Malvina (Descriptive Piece) 06:55
12. Quickstep and Dance in Oscar and Malvina (Dances) 03:40
13. Jack the Batchelor – The Pretty Lass – The Merry Lads of Foss (Reels) 03:52
14. The Bottom of the Punch Bowl (Barndance) 02:33

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