End of the Harvest / Deireadh An Fhómhair

Declan Masterson

1. Jimmy O’Reilly’s/Pretty Girls of Mayo/Hand me Down the Tackle (Reels)
2. Paddy O’Brien’s/Tumble the Tinker (Jigs)
3. Bean Dubh an Ghleanna/Bonaparte’s Retreat (Slow Air/Set Dance)
4. Collier’s/Miss Mary O’Neill’s Fancy/The Green Garters (Reels)
5. An Buachaill Dreoite (Fling)
6. End of the Harvest/Burn the Stubble/Setthearts (Slow Reel/Jig/Reel)
7. The Leg of the Duck/An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas/The Girl From the Big House (Jigs)
8. The Wounded Hussar (Slow Air)
9. Out on the Road/Seán Maguire’s/The Maid in the Meadow (Reels)
10. The Elks Festival/Paddy O’Brien’s (Hornpipes)
11. Larry Redican’s/The Foxhunters (Slip Jigs)
12. By The Waters Edge/The Emigrants March/The Tourist (Suite)

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