Cuisle Cheol na bPíob

Kevin Rowsome – uilleann pipes
  1. Hornpipes: Corney Drew’s Hornpipe/ The Faithful Friend
  2. Jigs: Tom Rowsome’s/ Crabs in the Skillet/ Paddy’s Green Island
  3. Air: Cuisle Ceoil an Bhlascaoid (The Musical Pulse of the Blasket Islands)
  4. Reels: The Weather/ The Fair Maids of Ireland/ Welcome to the Country
  5. Hornpipes: The Last of the Twins/ Rogers O’Neil
  6. Slip Jigs: A Fig for a Kiss/The Night Before Larry Got Stretched/ The Rakes of Westmeath
  7. Air: Buachaill Caol Dubh (The Dark Slender Boy)
  8. Hornpipes: Un- named (from the MacLean collection)/ Colclough’s Hornpipe
  9. Long Dance: The Ace & Deuce of Piping
  10. Slip Jigs: The Dougarry Boys/ Swaggering Jig/ Yellow Stockings
  11. Hornpipes: Lovely Charlie/ Cookes/ Un-named (from the Goodman collection)
  12. Reels: The Very Man/ The Bee in the Bonnet
  13. Air: Cois Abhainn na Séad (By the River of Gems)
  14. Jigs: Rock of the Quilt/ Cailleach and Dilisg/ Paddy O’Neil
  15. Reels: The Pulaski Gaurds/ The Mummers Reel/ The Wedding Ring

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