Bright Silver, Dark Wood

Martin Nolan – Uilleann Pipes

1. Goodman’s Slip Jig/The Turnpike Way/Open The Door for Three
2. Humors of Bandon/Light the Light
3. Air from France
4. Over the Moor to Maggie
5. Suite Reel/The Golden Boy/The San Francisco Skylight
6. The Pixie’s Polka
7. Cilláirne
8. Jingle Pot Jig/Kiss the Piper
9. Prince Eugene
10. The Heathy Hill
11. Swiss Waltz/Road to McGanns
12. Quebec Reel/Colonel Rodney
13. Caoineadh na mBocht (Cry of the Dispossessed)
14. The Cameronian/The Cup Of Tea
15. Suite Jig/Caoimhe Máire’s Jig

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