Art of Uilleann Piping 1 DVD

Uilleann Piping Tutorial for Beginners

Gay McKeon and Nollaig MacCarthaigh take you through the initial stages of learning to play the pipes. In clearly defined sections, they demonstrate the basic steps and show you note by note the fingering and playing of 6 tunes, as well as some of the technique commonly used by pipers. The DVD is packed with invaluable information and tips for the beginner and contains a section on problem solving as well as 7 further tunes which you can add to your repertoire.

The accompanying manual contains notation of all the tunes, tips on problem solving and other useful information.


Section 1: Strapping on the pipes, proper grippig of the chanter and sounding a note.
Section 2: The scale of ‘D’ in the first octave.
Section 3: The first tune – “Eibhlín a Rún”.
Section 4: The second tune – “Fáinne Geal an Lae” and the technique of ‘cutting’.
Section 5: The third tune – “Maggie in the Woods” and the second octave.
Section 6: The fourth tune – “The Rambling Pitchfork” and the technique of rolls”.
Section 7: The fifth tune – “Garret Barry’s”.
Section 8: The sixth tune – “The Heather Breeze” and the technique of triplets.
Section 9: Problem solving.

The DVD finishes off with the playing of 7 additional tunes.

Total running time: 85 minutes

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