O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 24

O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 24
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody
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Co Spirito., -AIRS and SONGSFather Torn ONeillI .Capt. P. ONeill.ii 1 :--.-.-.r):J]r:J Jr - j 1 J;r r 7 r7. 1 i r.r r r r: ; :- rjr rE iGrajne UaileSlow a dwig4 eelz (Grace OMalley )_______ .o Fa rrells Pocket18O 1O.FrJ; .i!- JrtI .2222I i IA ballad extending to 19 verses sung to this air recited the Conspiracy of an infatuated wealthy heiress in Coun-tyArmagth to inveigleor coerce a young clergyman the son of a widow, into matrimony; and the frustration of herdesigns by the confession of an accomplice. The melody hitherto unpublished I believe, has clung to my memorysince childhood.23rThe earliest setting of this famous old air which the editor could trace was that printed in O Parre1l Pocket Compan.ionfo,. the Irish or Unic g Pz pes. 1804-10. A florid version entitled Granu Weal or ma-ma-may obtained from McDonnell arenowned piper in 1797 is to be found in Buntings third Collection, heAn ,jentj y j 0 of Ireland.4840,with the notation,Very ancient, author and date unknown! The subtitle represents certain passages wherein a repeated note reinforced byConcords on the regulators produced tones like ma-ma-ma. Grai e niMitezilge Anglicized Grace OMalley-..who flour-ished in the reign of Queen E1izab fh was the most forceful character of her day. Her Irish maiden name became one ofthe allegorical titles by which Ireland is poetically known, and eclipses totally those of her two husbands, OFlah-erty, and Sir Richard Bourke. In course of time, the original Irish nape became corrupted to Granu,weai;Grajna Uailej Qrajnu Mhao1 and other fcrms.
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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