Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 5, Page 4

Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 5, Page 4
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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4Aset of pipes made by R.L. O’Mealyhas been donated to us by the musi-cian Matt Molloy, and is now on dis-play in the Seán Reid Library along withother instruments of our collection. Another set has been donated to our pipes-on-loan scheme by member Bernard Waldron,who has been most generous in the past withgifts to the Library and Archive.Luke Cheevers has donated an almost-full runof the magazine Irish Music to the Library,which means that we have a set of this maga-zine from its foundation.An interesting set of postcards and othermaterial was donated by Seán McKeon andseveral images of pipers were identified in thecollections of the National Library of Ireland,with the assistance of Seán Donnelly. Na Píobairí Uilleann has reciprocal arrange-ments with several other piping and musicalbodies to exchange publications. Complete ornear-complete runs of many of these publica-tions are available to members in our library.Publications received include the following:Pipers’ Review / Iris na bPíobairí – Magazine of theIrish Pipers’ Club, Seattle. Vol XXVIII No 3,Summer 2009Piping Today – Magazine of the National PipingCentre, Glasgow. Issue 42, 2009Treoir – Magazine of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann,Iml. 41 uimh. 3Chanter – Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Autumn2009Folk Music Journal – Journal of the Vaughan WilliamsMemorial Library, Volume 9 number 5 2009English Dance & Song – Magazine of the EnglishFolk Dance & Song Society, Winter 2009Ar Soner – magazine of Bodaged Ar Sonerion/Assemblée des Sonneurs de Bretagne. no.390Magazine of The Northumbrian Pipers’ Society, Oct 2009~ Donations & acquisitions ~In Ireland at least the winter is a good time forpiping. For one thing, the pipes seem less tem-peramental and the urge to practice, for me atleast, is harder to resist than at other times of theyear. As well as that there are usually someattractive events to attend. One piping eventwhich has become increasingly popular in recentyears is the Leo Rowsome event which will beheld on Saturday 27 February 2010. All lovers ofLeo's music and pipe making are sure to enjoy theactivities which will include reed making withAndreas Rogge and Michael O'Donovan, whomakes both reeds for the pipes and the bassoon.As well as that there will be an opportunity forPipe-Makers to showcase their instruments.Speaking of events our annual Tionól will be heldthe weekend of 28 -30 May in the Step HouseHotel in Borris, County Carlow and will as everhave a number of compelling and interestingactivities including lectures, classes and recitals.Further afield we will be holding a sponsoredcycle from Dublin to Miltown Malbay to raisemoney to purchase pipe making equipment onthe first weekend of July to coincide with thecommencement of Scoil Samhraidh WillieClancy. We would encourage anyone with aninterest in the noble arts of uilleann piping andcycling to contact the NPU office but hasten toadd that we would advise against any attempts toplay the pipes during the actual cycle. There willbe plenty of time for that afterwards!In conclusion, I would like to take this opportuni-ty to wish you and your families a happy andpeaceful Christmas and every good wish for thecoming year. Robbie HannanChairman
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Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 5

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