Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 8

Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 8
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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8The music is performed on pipes (a C set and aD set by Benedict Koehler and David Quinn)and flute, with a couple of trackes on duetwhistles. All tracks are accompanied on gui-tar.1 Reels: The Winding Roads of Advance /The Boys on the Hilltop / TheMillhouse2 Jigs: John Feehilly’s / Ned Coleman’s /Dominic’s Farewell to Cashel3 Reels: Days around Lahinch / The Manfrom Moyasta4 Reels: Teampall an Ghleantáin / Fr.Newman’s / The Periwig5 Reels: The Leading Role / Little Manwith the Brown Shoes / Bill Hoare’s6 Jigs: The Ivory Flute / Straddle theDonkey / Visit to Ireland7 Hornpipe / Fling: The Birds / Jim Ward’s8 Jigs / Reel: Tom Busby’s / The Legendof Lisalway / The Mystery Reel9 Air / Reels: Úrchill an Chreagáin /Gorman’s / Tá an Saol ar Fad i nGráLiom10 Single jigs: Farewell to Lissycasey / TheFleadh at Tulla / The Ivory Bowl11 Reels: Lad O’Beirne’s Favourite / TheSilver Strand / Nuala’s Bonnet12 Jigs: Helvic Head / Bill Harte’sWind & ReedsPaudie O Connor & John O Brien(PBCD1976)Available from NPU at €20.00 (MembersL €17.50)Accordion and pipes duets are a rarityin Irish music, but Paudie O’Connorhas participated in more than onesuch alliance, proving that, in the right hands,the two instruments can join forces. For hispart John O’Brien comes from a family thatvalued every aspect of the music.The music is drawn mostly from the SliabhLuachra tradition and, apart from the box andpipes duets there are also tracks on whistles,with a couple of solos. Guitar accompanimentis also provided.1 Polkas: The Gneevguilla Polka / JimRyan’s / John Collins’2 Reels: The Scartaglen / Kiss the Maidbehind the Barrel3 Jigs: The Ducks in the Oats / A Tailor Iam4 Air: Raghadsa's mo Cheatí5 Reels: Cnoc na bPoll / Gleann Eoghain6 Jigs: Nell Sullivan’s / The Drake’s Lad7 Polkas: The Ballinhulla / MikeyBuckley’s Fancy8 Jigs: Humours of Killarney / JohnO’Connor’s / Denis Murphy’s9 Hornpipes: Shanahan’s / FreddieKimmel’s10 Jig: Gallagher’s (The Frieze Breeches)11 Reels: Bonnie Kate / The wind thatshakes the Barley12 Hornpipes: Corney Drew / The Turkey inthe Straw13 Air: O’Rahilly’s Grave14 Slides: Johnny O’Leary’s / TimmyClifford’s15 Reels: The Smokey House / TheMorning Star / O’Reilly’s Greyhound
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Píobaire, An, Volume 5, Issue 3

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