Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 7

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 7
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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East Coast Tionól 2007The fall air was misty and rainy this yearwhen the pipers of the east coast (andbeyond!) pulled into Gavin’s GoldenHill Resort in East Durham, New York.Friday night the pipers took refuge from thewet in the basement pub at Gavin’s – a won-derful pub with atmospheric low ceilings anda friendly staff. Music and talk filled eachcorner as attendees greeted each other withhugs and drink offerings and met some of themany new faces that came to this year’s tionól– one of the best attended yet. Attendantsstrutted their stuff at the “Chair” at 8pmbefore sessions broke out. A number of for-mer tionól instructors and fine pipers came tothe weekend just for the craic, includingMichael Cooney, Patrick Hutchinson, andMartin McCormack; it was a testament to thehigh expectations of the weekend and no onewas disappointed!Classes started on Saturday morning with sixpipers teaching: Americans Jerry O’Sullivan,Bill Ochs, and Benedict Koehler; CanadianDebbie Quigley; and our guest pipers fromIreland Louise Mulcahy and KevinRowsome. The wonderful Willie Kelly taughtour fiddling registrants, and formidable pipes-maker Seth Gallagher held reed-makingclasses. In the afternoon musicians grabbed acup of coffee and made their way to the pub,chatting and humming newly learned tunes.Emmett Gill’s fabulous new recording playedout over the pub as musicians gathered towatch Paul Reid’s film on present day lumi-naries in the piping world. The film featuredGay McKeon, Mick O’Brien, and KevinRowsome speaking about music and theirexperiences of piping in Dublin.After dinner the concert began featuring thepipes and fiddle instructors. Bill Ochs startedthe evening with a rare and wonderful pipesperformance (his second in ten years, he toldus!). Each instructor performed exquisitely;both Louise and Kevin played stunning solosets, and lucky for the listeners, Kevin calledup Benedict for a duet of unrivaled musicali-ty. After the concert more great spontaneousmusic and talk followed, as expected.The attendees were awake (mostly!) forbreakfast the next morning as the weatherturned clear and cold. Kevin Rowsome deliv-ered a fascinating lecture on the Rowsomefamily and their history with the pipes, com-plete with historic sound clips of RTÉ radio13Susanne Ward~ Piping Events ~Louise Mulcahy12is an attractive mix of the styles and tune-types of Ireland and Britain.TRACK LISTING1 Hornpipe: Interlude / Mr Tollet’sHornpipe (Jon Swayne & Becky Price)2 Hornpipe: Standing Abbey / Fairy Queen(Benedict Koehler & Hilari Farrington)3 Barn Dances: Lucy Farr’s Barn Dance /James Gannon’s Barn Dance (JerryO’Sullivan)4 Medley: Mo Dhachlaigh / FinbarSaunders / The Handshaker / Dr Drone(Annie Grace)5 Air/Jig: Miss Hannah Ormston / KatieElliott’s Jig (Chris Ormston)6 Trip to Galilee (Jerry O'Sullivan)7 Air/Reels: Lament of the Three Marys /Neil Gow’s Wife / The Ravelled Hankof Yarn (Jerry O'Sullivan)8 Medley: Keening in the Wind / ClumsyLover (Ian Lawther)9 Set Dance: Ace & Deuce of Pipering(David Power)10 Air: Philib Séimh Ó Fathaigh (DavidPower)11 Medley: The Glorious Thirteenth / TheStar (Jon Swayne & Becky Price)12 Medley: The Braes of Locheil / LangStayed Away (Chris Ormston)13 Air/Hornpipe: Wild Hills o’ Wannies /William Taylor’s Hornpipe (IanLawther)14 Waltz: The Stamford Waltz (Jon Swayne& Becky Price)15 Jigs: The Coming of Spring / The BlackRogue (Benedict Koehler & HilariFarrington)16 Air/Jig: Napoleon’s Farewell to Paris /Temple Hill (Benedict Koehler & HilariFarrington)17 Medley: The Sleeping Tune / Hecla /Tullybannocher / Big Duncan's Reel(Annie Grace)The Scholar - Crystal VeilRobert Van Dijk(STEMRA C12446)The Dutch piper Robert Van Dijk hasrecently released this compilation of hispiping and self-penned songs.TRACK LISTING1 Song: Viqueen at the Wheel2 Song: Crystal Veil3 Song: Man in the Moon4 Song: Walkinstown Lass5 Song: Mrs Brown6 Song: Your Last Lover7 Song: Doovin8 Song: Francesca9 Jigs: Katie’s Fancy/Walsh’s Favou-rite/Butcher’s March10 Reels: Roaring Mary/Fairy Reel11 Air: Banks of the Suir12 Reel: The Scholar13 Jigs: Blackthorn Stick/Paddy Whack14 Air/Reel: Lament for the ThreeMarys/Dublin Reel15 Reel: Swallow’s Tail16 Hornpipe: Boys of Bluehill17 Air/Reel: Sliabh na mBan/Kiss the Maidbehind the Barrel18 Air: The Fairy Child19 Song: Calotype20 Song: Out of There
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43

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