Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 6

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 6
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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11Reed OnlyBrian McNamara & Tim Collins(Drumlin Records/Croisín Music - BTCD01) 20.00 ( 17.50 to members), plus P+PPiper Brian McNamara and concertinaplayer Tim Collins combine on thisrecording to provide a selection of (mostly)duets, supported variously by combinationsof harp, bouzouki, guitar and piano.The twoairs are performed as solos by Brian, whouses three different sets on the CD – a con-cert-pitch set and a C chanter made byKoehler & Quinn, and a Geoff Wooff C set.TRACK LISTING1 Reels: Aggie Whyte’s Reel/The SmallHills of Offaly/The Widow’s Daughter2 Jigs: The Ballincourty/Snug In theBlanket3 Hornpipes: The Good Natured Man/TheWest End4 Reels: The Wexford Lasses/Biddy FromMuckross/Spike Island Lasses5 Air: Ag Taisteal na Blárnan (TravellingThrough Blarney)6 Reels: The Nine Pint Cloggie/Sailing intoWalpole’s Marsh/The Beauty Spot7 Jigs: Petticoat Loose/Cró na nGabhar8 Reels: The Boys on the Hilltop/TheCashmere Shawl/The Sunny Banks9 Jigs: Fasten the Leg In/Westering Home/Tell Her I Am10 Hornpipes: Johnny Cope11 Reels: The Lady’s Cup of Tea/The Basketof Oysters/The Kerry Lassie12 Jigs: The Wearied Lad/The Humours ofRahey13 Air: The Bright Lady14 Jigs: The Return to Burton Road/Do YouWant Anymore?/The Humours of Glen15 Reels: John Kelly’s Concertina Reel/OurHouse at Home/The Ballynacally ReelThe Pipers’ Gathering2006Various Performers(Pipers Gathering - Pipers2006)Available from: www.pipersgathering.orgThe folks at Pipers’ Gathering have estab-lished the practice of releasing a perma-nent record of their annual gathering, thisbeing the third such publication.The uilleann pipers featured on the CD areBenedict Koehler, Jerry O’Sullivan andDavid Power. There are also performances onthe Northumbrian Small Pipes, the ScottishSmall Pipes and the Border Pipes. The music10Dear Far-VVoiced VeteranEssays in Honour of Tom MunnellyAnne Clune (Ed.)Old Kilfarboy Society 404pp, ISBN 978-0-9556037-0-9) 30.00 + P&P - available at www.oac.ieThis book consists of a “festschrift” inhonour of the late Tom Munnelly. It isa set of essays on various topics con-nected in one way or another with the passionthat filled his life – Irish traditional song andmusic. The pieces (there are 27 of them) werecontributed by friends and associates ofTom’s from all quarters of the world of tradi-tional music, from Ireland and abroad. Planned for some time, its publication wasexpedited early this year when it becameapparant that Tom was losing his struggleagainst the ill-health that had affected him foryears. It was published in May in theBellbridge Hotel in Spanish Point, at a cere-mony attended by several hundred of Tom’sfriends and fellow-toilers in the musical gar-den. Tom and his wife Annette and their fam-ily were present, and Tom’s characteristiccourage and bonhomie turned what couldhave been an early wake into a celebration ofhis life, and, indeed, of life.The book opens with an Introduction byNicholas Carolan which sketches out Tom’slife and considerable achievements in lovingdetail. Nicholas prefaces his piece with anexchange between Tom and ballad scholarBertrand Bronson, which is worth quoting:‘Your immortality is assured’, wrote BertrandBronson to Tom Munnelly upon the inclusionof another of Tom’s finds in Bronson’s Tunesof the Child Ballads. Tom’s comment: “I stillcan’t afford a copy of the damn thing’.Fintan Vallely’s “Encomium on a ReluctantAcademic” brings the book to a close with anappraisal of the multi-faceted nature of Tom’scareer – not just collector, but writer,researcher, educationalist, performer, com-mentator, polemicist, agitator and more. The contributions in between include pieceson every aspect of Irish traditional music,although, as to be expected given Tom’s spe-ciality, most attention is devoted to song. Tomention just a few, Dr Seoirse Bodley exam-ines the singing style of Seán Mac Donncha;John Moulden ponders on “What did we singbefore there were folk songs?”; Lillis ÓLaoire and Sean Williams examine the song“Johnny Seoighe” and the taboos that oncesurrounded it; and Len Graham recounts hisexperiences of collecting classic narrativeballads. Other contributors are too numerous to belisted, but include Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin,Éamon Ó Bróithe, Dr Ríonach uí Ógáin andDr Hugh Shields. The collection is a must forthe serious student of our music.Terry Moylan
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43

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