Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 2

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43, Page 2
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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It is a measure of the global interest in uil-leann piping that for some years now themajority of members of Na PíobairíUilleann live outside of Ireland. The traditionof pipers from Ireland relocating in search ofa better lifestyle in the nineteenth century iswell documented in the writings of the likesof Francis O’Neill with many prominent play-ers emigrating to the United States and theAntipodes in the nineteenthcentury, so the notion ofpipers living and performingabroad is certainly not a newone. Notwithstanding that,few people who attended thefirst pipers’ meeting inBettystown in 1968 couldhave envisaged that withinforty years there would bemore pipers living outsideIreland than within it. NaPíobairi Uilleann is very con-scious of the responsibilitywe have to assist these pipersin any way we can. We are fortunate in hav-ing Johannes Schiefner, a wonderful piperfrom Germany, as a member of the board. Theneeds of overseas players are among theissues in which Johannes has a particularinterest and his input in this regard is highlyvalued.For decades now, pipers in parts of the worldsuch as America, Canada, Germany, Brittany,Spain, Britain, New Zealand and Japan havebeen bringing over guest pipers to teach andperform and the fruits of their labours are tobe seen in the high technical and aestheticstandards reached by many pipers based inthose countries. A recent tionól in Californiawas attended by no less than fifty-two pipers,some of whom had travelled from as far awayas Hawaii, Minnesota and Kentucky.Apparently, most of those in attendance wereNPU members. Another suc-cessful tionól was also held afew weeks ago in EastDurham, NY and we were gladto be able to contributetowards the running costs. It isa pleasure and a privilege forNa Píobairí Uilleann to offerscholarships to promisingyoung players to attend eventssuch as these in many parts ofthe world and we hope that theinternational interest in pipingand pipe making will continueto flourish. I hope that our pub-lications, CDs and DVDs will continue to beof help to pipers everywhere and I wouldencourage all pipers to join NPU. To learnthe pipes in isolation is a tall order.From my own experience of taking part in avariety of piping events in a number of differ-ent countries over the past thirty years, I takegreat heart from the fact the players in thesecountries are as captivated by the music of the3continued on page 4 – Editor: Robbie Hannan, Chairman, Na Píobairí Uilleann Teo.Editorial committee: Robbie Hannan, Noel Pocock, Seán Donnelly, Terry MoylanBoard of Directors: 2006-2007, Robbie Hannan (Chairman); Noel Pocock (Secretary); Patricia Logan (Treasurer); Tom Clarke; Ivan Crowe; Dave Hegarty; Tommy Keane; Nollaig Mac Cárthaigh; Seán Potts,Seán Óg Potts, Johannes Schiefner.Honorary President: Seán PottsPatrons: Peter Carberry, Longford; Dave Hegarty, Tralee; Tommy Kearney, Waterford;Pat Mitchell, Dublin; Neil Mulligan, Dublin; Seán Potts, Dublin.Staff: CEO: Gay Mc Keon; Administrator: Gerry Lyons; Archivist: Terry Moylan; Secretary: Nicola SpainRegistered Office: 15 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.Telephone: Office: 01-8730093; Fax: 01-8730537; Archive: 01-8735094E-mail: info@pipers.ie Web site: www.pipers.ieMembership: Full & Associate - 45 p.a. Unwaged/junior members - 19 p.a.Advertisements: Ordinary advertisements carried free, display adverts - 20An Píobaire contents © Na Píobairí Uilleann Teoranta, unless otherwise stated.Na Píobairí Uilleann Teoranta is incorporated in Ireland, Company Reg. No. 242874.An Píobaire is the newsletter of Na Píobairí Uilleann Teoranta, 15 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1, Ireland, and is issued fivetimes annually - 1st week February, 3rd week April, 1st week July, 3rd week September, 1st week December. Na Píobairí Uilleann Teoranta (“NPU”) can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of contributedarticles or statements appearing in this publication, and any views or opinions expressed are notnecessarily those of NPU unless otherwise indicated. Parties other than NPU may place advertise-ments in this publication and NPU is not responsible for examining or evaluating any such adver-tisements and does not endorse directly or indirectly the goods or services offered by any of thesebusinesses or individuals. NPU accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or distress occasioned toany person acting or refraining from acting as a result of any material contained in this publication.NPU reserves the right to make publishing decisions on any advertisement or editorial article sub-mitted and to refuse publication or to edit any editorial material as may seem appropriate.The cover photograph shows the late Tom Munnelly, long-time friend and associate of Na PíobairíUilleann, who died in late August. The photograph was taken in May in The Bellbridge Hotel, SpanishPoint during the launch of Dear Far-Voiced Veteran. (Photograph - Peter Laban)2......Cover photo details3......Editorial4......Donations and acquisitions5......News and events7......Reviews & Notices13......Piping Events16......The Moloney Set18......Building Technique – Joe Doyle :“The Harvest Home”20......Nicholas Carolan – Graveside ora-tion for Tom Munnelly23......The Pipes of 4 Nations24......Nick Whitmer – The Pipes inLiterature26......Seanchas – Linen Trade SpinningMatch27......Denis Harrington28......A First Visit to “Willie Week”29......Correspondence30......Items available from Na PíobairíUilleann31......Advertisements32......Calendar of Piping EventsContents
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 43

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