Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42, Page 12

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42, Page 12
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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23Paul ReidChris Langan WeekendThe Chris Langan Traditional Irish MusicWeekend, now in its 16th year, was heldin Toronto over the May 18-20th weekend –Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. Theoutdoor patios were open and in full swing inthe area of the scheduled events due to themarvellous weather.The weekend took the usual form of an open-ing session on Thursday, concerts on Fridayand Saturday, workshops on Saturday in avariety of instruments, finishing off withmorning lectures on Sunday, brunch and apipers’ chair. Headliners for this year’s weekend wereBrian McNamara and Máire Ní Ghráda onpipes, Hammy Hamilton on flute, PaddyO’Brien on accordion, Pat Egan on guitar andPatrick Ourceau on fiddle.Thursday’s meet and greet was held inMcCarthy’s, a local session pub, and resultedin an excellent session led by Paddy O’Brienand Hammy Hamilton. The Friday concert at The Tranzac Club asusual showcased the local musicians andteachers and we got a taste of things to comewhen Hammy finished off the officialevening’s events prior to a number of ses-sions, which went on until the wee hours.Saturday piping classes were well attended aswas Hammy’s flute class.The evening concert this year reverted to itsoriginal venue of Saint Paul’s Church. Theconcert comprised of four sets mc-ed by EnaO’Brien. Debbie Quigley joined Máire NíGhráda for the first set, and HammyHamilton took it up to the interval with fluteand song. After the break Brian McNamaradid a solo set and the evening was roundedBack row (l - r): Bob Gardiner, Richard Shuttleworth, David Moulton, Gregory Graham, MargaretStalker, Ray Caldwell, Nick Brown, Paul Gribbon, Tim Benson, Unidentified, Benedict KoehlerFront row (l - r): Kelly Hood, Máire Ní Ghráda, Debbie Quigley, Virgil Colby, Brian McNamara,Paul Reid, Stephan Hannigan, 22~ Piping Events ~Back row: Freddie Tekook, Marcus Kunz (Switzerland), Andreas Coerdt, Walter Lelle, Johannes Schiefner, ChristianTietje, Irina Böhme, Christian Roch, Fritz Hofmeister, Sirko Schwarzbach.Front Row: Christian Tewordt, Heike Horstmann, Stefan Peter, Ingeborg Schrewentigges, Eliot Grasso (UilleannPipes Teacher), Hartmut Mayer (Switzerland), Mathias Schubert, Francesco Brazzo (Italy).German Pipers AssociationTionól 2007Our Tionól in April 2007 Easter from 5thto 8th in the Castle of Fürsteneck.We had about 80 people attending there at theweekend, where about 25 uilleann pipersplayed. The others were dancers, fiddle play-ers, flute players and other guests for ses-sions.Eliot Grasso was our ‘native’ teacher. The fid-dle lessons were held by John McEvoy andthe flute lessons by Catherine McEvoy, bothfrom Ireland.Lessons in dancing were held by SiobhánKennedy. Pipes for beginners and guitar les-sons were given by experienced Germanplayers, and reed-making and maintenancewas taught by Andreas Rogge. We had someguests as in recent years, including piper andaccordion-player Jackie Small from Galway.The Tionól ended up, as usual, with a fineconcert.Christian Tietje
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42

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