Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42, Page 7

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42, Page 7
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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13Pádraic KeaneThis year’s Scoil Acla took place onAchill Island with daily pipe classesfrom 30th of July to 4th of August.The tutors were Robbie Hannan and TommyKeane and Robbie also performed at the mainconcert on Friday night. The pipers whoattended the event included Galway pipersEoin Ó Conghaile, Conall Ó Flathartha,Peadar Giles, Marion McCarthy, FiachraO’Regan and Pádraic Keane. Dublin pipersBanba Nic Ghearailt, Sean Mc Keon and JohnButler also attended as did Clare piperSéamus Ó Rócháin and, of course, local piperCiarán Ó Máille. An early evening “B” ses-sion during the week in the Wavecrest Hotelallowed a few pipers the opportunity to playSéamus Ó Rócháin’s Coyne set whichbelonged to Willie Clancy. A feature of theschool is the appoinment of a CeoltóirCónaitheach or Musician in Residence for the~ Scoil Acla 2007 ~Tommy Keane plays a tune with Musician in Residence Catherine McEvoy.12From a teaching perspective this collectionwill prove invaluable. I recently used it as anaid in teaching the advanced piping class atthe Joe Mooney Summer School and found itwonderful as a reference to the way Ennismight have approached or played a particularbar or two of a tune. Ennis always maintained his piping was forlistening rather than for dancing and I’m surehe would have appreciated the humour in thetitle of this publication!Our undying gratitude should forever beextended to Pat Mitchell for the enormoustime, energy and commitment he has devotedto compiling such a majestic publication. It isa prestigious manuscript that will find its wayinto the minds, fingers, hearts and souls ofmany an aspiring and established piper. Thisis a work of beauty that should be cherishedby all. Copies of all commercial and privaterecording are available through the publish-ers, Na Píobairí Uilleann, whose committ-ment and support in producing its flagshippublication, should be acknowledged.Leis sin, ba mhaith liom comhgháirdeachas aghabháil le Pat agus leis Na Píobairí Uilleannas ucht an leabhair álainn seo a chur ós árgcomhair agus ós comhair an phobail go gin-earálta. Guím gach rath ar an leabhar seo agustá súil agam go spreagfaidh sé, agus gogcuideoidh sé leis na píobairí atá ann faoiláthair, na píobairí atá le teacht, agus na glún-ta atá romhainn amach.Néillidh MulliganCatherine Ennis: What a fine tome this is! Iknow that Séamus would have been delightedto see informed, in-depth acknowledgementof his skills as a piper celebrated in such style.For all of us who play this music, the book isa wonderful source of information and inspi-ration. I await with much interest the prom-ised volume on Séamus’s slow airs. With suchanalysis or ornamentation, it can only be rev-elatory.Ken McLeod: Congratulations to PatMitchell for a truly fabulous job. I know italmost cost him his sanity! It is ‘quality’ inevery sense of the word. Nobody else on earthwould have had the ability or the patience todo it. The production shows great team efforthowever and so my hearty congratulationsand thanks to the Board and staff of NPU.Tommy Fegan: The Ennis book was wellworth the wait ... I’ve been engrossed since Igot home yesterday. Keep spinning the backwheels!Wilbert Garvin: I think that this is a trulyamazing piece of work. It is a monumentalhistorical record that will forever benefit pip-ing. Once pipers have reached a considerablelevel of competence they can then go on toconsider those aspects which make for trulymagnificent piping. I don’t mean that theyhave to copy Séamus, but can incorporatesome of his techniques into their piping. I likethe way Pat has given the skeleton of the tuneand then the way that Séamus played it. I congratulate most sincerely Pat and NPU forthis work. It takes (and will take) piping to anew level.David Beamish: I have just received mycopy of the book … it is magnificent, and Iam looking forward to spending time absorb-ing its contents, with the pipes strapped on!Congratulations to to all involved with itsproduction, and particularly to Pat Mitchell.Boyd Peters: The Ennis book is a mightytome ... would be great in a bar-room brawl!!!Responses from members
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 42

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