Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 40, Page 4

Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 40, Page 4
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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7Karl Libertstion to some necessary details. One of themwent home and straight away got himself setup to make reeds. I told him he has to make afew hundred to get the hang of it. I think hetook me literally and keeps sending me pho-tos of his latest reeds.Anyway, all in all, it was a very enjoyableweek of pipering, despite the weather: a cou-ple of days over 40 degrees and some veryheavy rain to follow, which did some havoc toour carefully tuned dry-weather reeds? Notthat we are complaining about rain in this partof the world.Next year’s classes are already booked out,bar one place.Patrick LyonsKarl Liberts6~ News & Events ~Pipers GatheringThe Pipers’ Gathering will be heldAugust 10-13, 2007 at the KillingtonGrand Hotel and Conference Center inKillington, Vermont. As we prepare to openregistration in late April, we’re pleased toannounce the following confirmed instruc-tors:Uilleann pipes: Bill Ochs, Deb Quigley,(third instructor TBA)Border pipes: Fin MooreEnglish pipes: Pete StewartNorthumbrian smallpipes: Dick Hensold,Colin RossScottish smallpipes: Annie Grace, BarryShearsWhistle: Andrea MoriWatch our website for more details as wefinalize our instructor lineup. If you haven't already done so, we encourageyou to book your room at the KillingtonGrand Hotel or nearby sites. Booking infor-mation is available on our web site:www.pipersgathering.orgAustralian PipersWhen the piping bug got me threeyears ago. I found it very difficultto find the basic information that abeginner needs (I am well and truly past thatstage now). NPU was an excellent resource,however I felt such an organisation was need-ed here in Australia. After much thought andconsideration, I think it would be an impor-tant step for Australia to have its own PipersClub. In a few conversations with JackBrennan, Patrick C. Lyons, Giles Bettison andDavid Goldsworthy such an option would bethought viable although distance is of majorconcern. Many of us have to travel thousands of kilo-metres to access teachers and other valuableresources such as bagpipe and reed makersfor maintenance and reed issues. A Tíonolwould allow us to access a lot of valuableresources once and possibly twice a year ifthere is enough interest, with one event heldin each side of the continent, making traveljust that bit easier. NPU has also offered tosupply resources such as pipers for Tionóls,and funds for practice-set loan-schemes.More discussions will take place at this year’sKoroit Lake School and other traditionalmusic events around the country. Please feelfree to contact me by email and let us knowwhat you think: lukehanson@matilda.net.au Likewise if you know of anybody who playsthe uilleann pipes but is not a member ofNPU, please lend them a copy of An Píobaireso that they can get in contact. Luke HansonMackay, QueenslandAttached are a couple of pictures from thereed-making classes held at the Australiansummer school that NPU kindly supported.One picture, as you see, is of some of thereeds made and in-progress.The class spent two afternoons making reeds,under the tutelage of Damien Kingston (frontleft in the reed-making photo) and myself (notin photo). We originally wanted AndrewFlint, as I said in my request, but a chance forhim to go overseas to do some studyintevened and he was unable to attend.I think some of the prospective reed-makerswere a bit surprised at how well a reed turnsout if you do all the right things and pay atten-
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Píobaire, An, Volume 4, Issue 40

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