Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 8

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 8
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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SEANCHAS - ar leanfrom page 7.that whilst he was asleep the fairies came and gavehim the gift of piping. When he Woke up the firsttune he played was Down the meadows.Some time afterwards he left Ireland for Americato make his fortune from the gift of piping lie hadgot from the fairies, But when he was halfwayacross the ocean he found he couldnt play one barof a tune. Nor could he play any until be caineback into Irish waters again.He was one of the pipers who got his music withOut (outside).*** It was my a tlier heard tel hugthat story. Twas supposed to have happened in hisyoung days.* Abbeyshrule, Co. Longford.I have written down this tune from the narra-tor who plays it on the pipes.On telling this story at a later date he saidthat he dreamt - he heard fairy pipe-musicand when he woke a label with Down therieadows was pinned to his breast. He lookedat it and started immediately to play thetune. The narrators wife said Heslin got theset of pipes from the fairies too.The narrator said without and outside ontwo different occasions. When I asked himwhat he meant by it he said from the fairiesin each instance.5 [ The priest and the blind piper ]27 April 1942bank at the crossroads and play br the dancing. Heused to get a few pence from everyone for the nightAt this time the priests were very much againstthese dances, because it wasnt lionouring the Sab-bath, and the old people didnt l ike to see the youngpeople staying out so ate, just like now. On thisparticular occasion the dance was being held on aSunday night at the crossroads, and everything wasgoing fine when the priest was seen coming up theroad. As soon as this was noticed everyone ran asquick as they could from the crossroads to get asfar away as they could. The piper, hearing the run-ning feet thought the dance was becoming heartierand played away heartier, than ever. After a whilehe was interrupted by the priest who had come up.My good man, he says did you ever hear of theSabbath? Begob I dont thing I did, says thepiper; but if you whistle a few bars of it, maybe Idknow it! says he. -6 The drunken shoemaker (reel)27 April 1942There was a shoemaker named David Isdall lived in aplace called Keenagh, 10 miles from E3altymahon , inmy time. He went to learn the fiddle from * andwhen the instructor had taught him a tune calledThe drunken shoemaker ** he decid d that lie hadlearnt enough and would not take any more lessons.[ Besides the above material McCrone gave SamusEnnis two versions of an instrumental tolktale.J* [ The space for the in structors name is blank inthe manuscript].* * I have taken down the tune from the narrator(reel) who plays it on the fiddle.My father used to tell a funny little story about an old blind piper who travelled in those days. Cross-roads dances were held every Sunday night at thetime and this blind pipers used to sit on the wall orFOR SALEHalf set: narrow bore inEast indian Itosewood k brass4-key chanter with astop-key head.Demonstration set - reducedto 550 + p&pContact : D. EVANS2 Bishop Street, Shrewsbury,Shropshire SY2 SHA, England.Tel. 0743 2323390 0 0 0 0WANTEDLEO ROWSOME, Concert PitchChanter - Will pay goodprice.Contact: D. HYDE12 Douglas Crescent,Edinburgh 12,EHI2 5BB, Scotland.C 0 0 0 0Dept of Irish Folklore, UCD, IFC MS 853, pp. 496-506. Published by kind permission of the Head ofthe Department.For SaleSubmitted by Sean Donne llyFOR SALEFULL SET In C sharpby JOE McKENNA (chanterby Johnny Bourke)Contact, JOE McHUGH,Moneystown North,Roundwood,Co. WicklowTel: (0404)51610 0 0 0 0FOR SALEHalf-set in Concert pitch Dby Soefirne; Lignum vitae & brassDemonstration model - reducedto 450 + p&pContact: D. EVANS12 Bishop Street, Shrewsbury,Shropshire 5Y2 5HA, England.Tel. 0743 2323390 0 0 0 0Copyright Na Piobairi Uilleann. No portion of this journal may bereproduced without written permission from Na Piobairi UiIJeann.Ci LL IAN O I3RIAI NFEAR DEANIA liOU IULLEANNAn Ce;trLiIunrl.ii.An I ) ,IIflMt IFi.(:0 Clilt i II LII.Eire0 0 0UILLEANN PIPESbySoefirneI
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42

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