Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 6

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42, Page 6
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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_____ AUSTRALIAVincent BuckleyOn Thursday I ? November the funeral of ProfessorVincent Buckley of the University of Melbourne tookplace. He was a very important and influentialteacher of literature with a great love of Ireland,though born in Australia sixty two years ago. Poet,writer, thinker, he had a profound effect on manypeople. Much-loved doyen that he was he had givenkudos to the pipes in an area where many havenever heard them.i played at his funeral as t was a request of histhat an uilleann piper be found to do this. I played,hidden from view, in the choir loft at the NewmanCollege Chapel, Melbourne University.At the end of the Requiem Mass, as the coffinwas lifted, to be carried slowly out, I started up theSong of the Books which seemed so right and f it-ting. The mourners were grieving at the loss oftheir knowtedge source, their own teacher, theirinspiration, he whom they loved and revered, just asthe bard of old used the sad tune to lament the lossof his books. I also played the Lament for LimerickThere would have been over a thousand people there,most of whom I had never seen, most had 110 knowledge of the pipes. Many came to me and said itwas the most beautiful thing they had ever heard,which only goes to reinforce my strong belief in theimportance of this all-but-obscure instrument. One ofthose present was the Irish Ambassador to Australia,Jim Sharkey, who had flown down to Melbourne fromCanberra especially for the event. I had the privilegeof driving him out to the graveyard, some thirtymiles away, where I was to play again as the coffinwas lowered.Vincent Buckley wrote often about Ireland, livedthere for spells and was well known in the literarycircle there. One of his later books which deakwith an outsiders view of the Irish situation is calledMemory Island.I wrote the above for the archives - just a iioteon things that are happening here.GEOFF WOOFFThe players and teachers have not been secretiveabout their knowledge, freely giving of time andintellect, as is the case with the work of PatMitchell with his books and teaching. Why shouldpipe makers not respond and give what they can,to inprove the lot of the piper?Geoff Woof ! Having talked to very old pipers here and from knowledge gleaned from others in Sydney, during this cen-tury there were very few pipers icre. In Melbournefrom about 1913 on there was Paddy cevaiiny (Mayo)who purchased his old Coyne set from Cough lansdecendants in Sydney. He spoke of one other playerin Melbourne during his tune, and others, war pipers,also say that he was the only one here. In Sydneythere was Bill C ?) Crowe, who had the Egari set fromCough lans family and also a new Leo Rowsome set,purchased in the 40s. There was one other piperthere, Frank 1- leffernan who had a B Harrington andanother set by Hiscock (7) Belfast (7) (Hillockmaybe). Another set did surface, a Coyne B with amocked up D set marie by aluminium tubing, whichwould suggest an interested amateur this centurytrying to make something to play at the session. Noevidence of pipes has yet come to light in Brisbaneor further north. One set in Adelaide, the cele-brated James Kellys set as wntten about by P atrickOLeary (ONeills Irish Minstrels and Musicians p . 3 ! 9384). OLeary, also says that he did not hear of anuilleann piper between 1869-19 10. In Perth we knowthat there was John Wayland, and the owner of myold Harrington C set. In Tasmania we know thatthere was a piper who played that Coyne set whichcame to light recently, and that it was played thiscentury. have been told of two pipers in thecountry area where I live who played just withinliving memory and one on the other side of Mel-bourne in the country, also mentioned in Jageursaccount in ONeills, the great grandson of whom Ihave met once, who said that his uncle once sold theold set for the price of a bottle of whisl
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 42

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