Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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This cran may be playedon a dotted crotchetwhen it is preceded by aquaver of the same pitch.Though it is nearly alwayswritten as shown in thefirst two examples, andonly rarely as shown in thethird, this last is the bestnotation. The cran fallsinto two parts: the firstthree gracenotes are group-ed together with the grace-notes and melody notesnearly of equal length; thenthere is a deliberate pausebefore the A gracenotewhich should be strong anddistinct. The rhythm isdadadurn-dum. The cranis difficult to play at firstand it is easy to developthe faults referred to earl-ier; therefore the learnermust be careful to avoidslurring or muff ing thegracenotes.Some tunes where thiscran may be used are: TheKid on the Mountain part I,bars I, 2 and 3, (but notbar I when its repeated);The Munster Buttermilk allparts, bars 3 and 7; TheQueen of the Rushes part 1,bars I, 2, 3 and 5.E.G. ft(a)A gracenote:1234)6ADGDFDIt can also be introducedone gracenote at a time,beginning with the Agracenote and adding the Ggracenote. When these twogracenotes can be playedwith facility the thirdgracenote pr may beadded in.The second example is acran on a crotchet with nopreceding note of the samepitch. Again care must betaken that the melody notedoes not sound before thefirst gracenote of the cran.Its best to begin to learnthis cran by first playingthe A gracenote only andadding in the other two asfluency develops.*Several ideas in thesenotes came from a lectureon crans and triplets deliv-ered by Pat Mitchell at aTionl in Ennistymon, Co.dare in 1976 - by far theclearest discussion of thesubject yet.Robin Hickey,The Young Traveller,St. Marys Place,Dublin 7.Phone 305000PAIDIN C RAIFEARTATa brfste gan bhsta agPidIn 6 Raifearta,Casg gan cba ar PhidinC Raifearta;id lin a tigh phistI agPidIn C Raifearta,S dalaigh Peig Bhn lePidin C Raifearta.ForI Prki! Se Pidin CRaifearta,Faill-il1-jll-ii ! 54 Pidin CRaifearta;PidIn, is Pidfn, is PidIn CRaifearta,S dalaigh Peig Bhn lePidIn C Raifearta.3-kr J(5)fl3In reels the gracenotesand melody notes are near-ly equal in length, with thelast melody note beingslightly longer than theother two. A learner mustensure that the melodynotes are heard clearly be-tween each gracenote. Agood exercise is to openthe cran up and count I foreach note and gracenotebeginning with the firstACCOMMODATIONThe Young Traveller isan ideal hostel for visitingpipers in Dublin. It offersquality accommodation at areasonable price ( 6 pernight bed and breakfast).Midday and evening mealsare provided at 3 and 2respectively. Four share aroom with shower, andbesides a very pleasant selfservice restaurant, there isa T.V. lounge and a largegeneral purpose lounge. Thehostel is only ten minuteswalk from Oconnell StreetIt takes only five minuteswalking to get from it toN.P.Us headquarters inHenrietta Street.Tir un a mhargadh PhidfnC Raifearta,NI fhadfainn , t iosgadaIlag agam;Thinic an aois is niorthinic aon fhaid ionam,Ach mar sin fin, fach goraibh bragadh na mbanFor 7rl.ionam.Port agus port agus port amhin Sue dhom,Port agus port agus port amh in S ue dhom,Port agus port agus port amhin Sile dhom,Poirtin nach bhfuil s nachmbeidh ag a bpiobaire.FordI 7r1.3
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 18

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