Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 7, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 7, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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THE FL 000 110 REEL.A1 L rrII cJI L [ L UT fr Q4t (cfr$c % r L 2 ) $4 j1. fly (tbe.L i i . S S e SREED CANEIts fun, if you visit Spain,to go wading in river bottoms, where the garbage is,in search of reedcane. But its not the way to supply Ireland. For one thing,no mallorquene farmer can bebothered with grading and posting the exact right Uilleann pipe cane (to be known hereafter asUcane). Hed be busting his bundun. So I went to Dans man Senor Francisco Medir Gallart(and his son Luis) who have been cultivating musical reedcane with tractor and microscopesince 1916, at Palamos on the Costa Brava.I walked with Luis, son of Francisco, in his wide fields on the Mediterranean coast,under theopen sky of Catalonfa. This is how we do it he said: We dont bother about the wild canein the river beds, we plant our own in large fields, and we use a special Abono. That is thesecret, the fertilizer for the fibres of the cane. We cut in the second JanFeb (at low moon),and we grow all cone in the same way,whether it is the smallest (Uguills) orthe largest (contra-bass clarinet), on the same growth, some time (two years), and the same maturing (three monthsin stooks, and one week leafless in the sun), then into the workshop for grading into soft and hard,etcetera. We dont know till t gets to the workshop what will be hard or soft, except the size,we know that, the size, soon after planting, as cane assumes its final girth,thick or thin, soonafter birth. The rest, the nonmusical cane,we use for baskets, fences,etc. By the way, mybest cane doesnt come from here at all, near the cold mountains, but from down on the Southcoast near Murcia, where the climate is better. (Mr. Medir owns plantations in the Murcia andthe Valencia country). A good musiccane needs a good sunstroke, alluvial light land andregular krigations, which three conditions we find in the zone named Spanish Levante.U I I1VI(57) -- , - 11__ _3-LII V4a4 .(contd....)
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 7

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