Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 9

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13, Page 9
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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jjfJfk I)1JJTh 1 r Ji r JJ 1 n i ii :i;i 11The foregoing melodies may suflice to give the readers of the Journal an idea ofthe contents of the Hudson MSS.A few words may be added concerning Hudson as a composer of Irish airs. Ithas already been noted that he set about this task through his disagreement withBunting. His compositions were published in the Citizen, and in the Dublin MonthlyMagazine, to pass for ancient airs; there is no evidence that he ever publicly correctedany false impression they may have made. Furthermore, two of his airs have foundtheir way into the Petrie Collectionthese being, Foun na Struit (The Song ofthe Streams), published in the Citizen, June, 1841; and, Cian bealach a ncleachaidhsi (Which way did she, go ?), published in the Citizen, January, 1841. It cannot bedenied that many of his compositions are gems of melody, as w ll as excellentimitations of folk-music. One of the best, to say the ieast, is the followingEms BEAGH NA C0RRAIGHNArnGH. (The Rosebud of Carrignarie). Com-posed by Henry Hudson. MS. No. 844, Vol. IV., 98.%fl 14 , , ,, ,iirst ,SIiINi,il,JWar.A, 4Thq h 0 le*tJf owcJ IiiiojII-p t i 0 ,The best epitaph on Henry Hudson is that he fairly won from the Muse of Eirethe title, Last of the Bards. PHILLIPS BARRY, A.M.Hotel Bartol, 307 Huntington Avenue,Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A..Hnckiit musical manuscripts at UnIv rsitI ,Cambrid e.DuRING the month of October, 1912, T spent several days very profitably, in goingthrough the musical manuscripts at the Unfversity Library, Cambridge. Previously,I had the pleasure of examining some of the musical MSS. contained in the FitzwilliamMuseum. Through the courtesy of Mr. Cockerell, I was allowed to handle and copysome Irish tunes from Queen Elizabeths Virginal Book. Here I may state, that onthe first page of this world-famed music book is the inscription, Ye Queens HarpeBook., It is strange that no one has ever alluded to the MSS. by this title. QueenElizabeth loved the harp, and retained an Irish harper at her court; however, it isnot my intention nowto discuss the Queens Harpe Book, but I will proceed to drawattention to the MSS. of University Library. Compared to the Fitzwilliarn Collectionthey are very few, and, the following list cdmprises all that the University canboast of:1610. LAMENTATION OF OWEN ONEmL. MS. No. 713.17PuI . /. 1.ulV
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 13

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