Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 1

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 1
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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28UrIsi ) 301k Song Concerl.PART I.HON. SECRETARYS REMARKS ON THE WOSKAN AIM OF THE IRISH FOLK SONG SOCIETY.a. Eanionan CnuicGAELIC FoLK Sox s b. All CahiMRS. FA 1 SARGENT.a. Brown-Eyed MaryFOLK EGS b. 0 Gentle Swanerr, by A. C. Bunion.M . OWEN COLYER.a. Cradle Song\ IOLIN Soi os b. Silver TipIr is / i. Airs an-. by 1)r. Michael EspnsitaMRS. MATHEWS.(a. Ho Ro mo niglmeanGAELIC FOLK SoNC ,s donn bhodheachb. Nach till thu ruin a( neMRS. COLQtJHOUN-THOMSON.(br. GAnET MACIONS).Variations and Fugue upon an Irish thiie,collected by Mrs. Milligan Fox.Norman O NeillMiss E1)ITH WHITE & M s. MILLIGAN-FOX.A very pleasant afternoon was given J)y members of the Irish Folk SongSociety at 24A Cavendish Road, by kind permission of J. Dick Peddie, Esq.The Hon. Secretary made some remarks on the advisability of members tryingto induce concert givers to insert as many genuine specimens of Irish Folk Airs in theirprogrammes as possible. With the exception of the Gaelic League, one heard verylittle genuine Irish music at the concerts sUl)posed to 1)0 Irish and given in honour ofSt. Patrick. What would the saint think, if he heard the horrible quasi Germansongs sung as Irish, by foreign artists? He would retire, and console himself withsome old warlike chant, or pagan love song, and try to forget he ever wanted tolisten to our terrible medleys in the 20th century.PROGRAMME.PART II.Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society.VOL. X I I.COPYRIGHT.LUSH RECITATION: Be it ever so humbleMiss FANNIE MASON.FOLK SONGS a. Over Here Dr. C. Woodib. Kitty of the CowsSir C. V. StanfordMR. ALAN MACWHIRTER.(a. The Antriw Glen Songcoil. C. Mililgan-FoxFOLK SONGS . b. Ochanee(coil. t arr. by C. Miiliqan-Fo.rMiss LUCIE JOHNSTONE.(a. The Foggy Dewan-. by U. M. FoxHARPERS SONGS- h An Pasthew FionnC. M. FoxMR. OWEN COLYER.ACCOMPANISTMISS M E, ALFORD,*F
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 12

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