Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 3

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 3
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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5Cbe Irlsl Folk Sollg Socletp.(Founded 1904.)Cbe Irisb Folk $onci Soc1et ,Officers for 1911.President:THE BIGHT HON. THE EARL OP SHAFTESBUBY, K.C.V.O.Vsce-Pressdents:ALFRED PERCEVAI GRAVES, M.A., Dub!.P. W. JOYCE, LL.D., M.R.I.A.EDWARD MARTYNSEATON F. MILLrnAN, M.R.I.A.SIR C.V. STANFORD, D.C.L., M.A., MUS. DOC,THE MARCHIONESS o WATERFOBD.CHARLES WooD, M.A., MUS. DOC.Pisbjication Committee:DR. J. TODRUNTERSINCE the publication of the last number of the Journal, the Irish Folk SongSociety has entered upon a new stage in its career, which the Committee hopeswifi be one of increased usefulness and efficiency. When the Society met for itsAnnual General Meeting at 20 Hanover Square, London, in the beginning ofthis year, certain of its members expressed a very strong feeling that theSociety ought to take more vigorous measures to attain its main object : Thepromotion and encouragement of the practice and culture of the national folkmusic of Ireland; and that this could only be done by making a much morewide-spread appeal for support than had been hitherto attempted. The Corn.mittee met soon after to consider a. number of definite proposals for the further-ance of the object, and among them was the reduction of the subscription fromhalf-a-guinea to five shillings. This was accepted by the Society at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on February 23rd. The circular which is enclosedin the present number of the Journal was drawn up by the Committee, and hasbeen widely distributed. It embodies the new policy which the Society hopes topursue. Present members can help to place it in the position which alone willmake such a policy practicable by distributing the circulars among their personalfriends who are likely to be interested in the objects of the Society. TheHonorary Assistant Secretary will be happy to forward additional copies of thecircular to any members who will undertake to do so.Meanwhile this issue of the Journal represents to some extent the wideraim of the Society. It contains articles by a greater number of contributors thandoes any recent issue, and consequently approaches the subject of Irish Folk Song ina more cosmopolitan spirit. It contains examples of Irish songs collected inAmerica, and some account of the attitude of European residents in Shanghaitowards the subject. It has correspondents both in Ireland and in Englard,and it announces the good news that a Branch of the Irish Folk Song Society,headed by Mr. David Bispham, supported by a strong and representativecommittee, has been formed in New York. (See page 23.)THE DUKE OF ABERCORN, P.C., K.G., C.B.PEAS. JOSEPH BIGGER, M.R.LA.LORD CASTLETOWN OF UPPER OssoRYLolu) CitoFroN, D.L.THE MARdHIONRSS OF LONDONDERRYDR. W. H. GRATTAN PLOODCommittee:MRS. A. CHAMBERS BUNTEN H. C. COLLES, M.A., OXON.Miss MAY COLEMAN. DR. J. TODHUNTERMISS CABR MOSELEY C. COOKE-TAYLORMRS. M. C. SETON A. CORBETT-SMITH, M.A., OxoN.MRS. LAURENCE WEAVER ALFRED PERCEVAL GRAVESCLAUDE AVELING.MISS ALICE MILr IGANMRS. C. Mmr .IGAN FoxC. COOKE-TAYLORHon. Secretary:MRS. C. MILLIGAN Fox,Irish Folk Song Society,20 Hanover Square, W.H. C. COLLESNORMAN ONEIIj.CLADDE AVELINGHon. Assistant Secretary and Treasurer:MRS. HERBERT DRAPER,Irish Folk Song Society,20 Hanover Square, W,
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 2, Issue 9

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