O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 6

O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 6
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Regan Printing House, Chicago, 1913
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O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians
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10 Iris/i .Minstrels and MusiciansGrattan Flood; The Storv of the Bagpipe, 1911.Galpin; Old English Instruments of Music, 1911.Hogarths WorksFirst published, 1768.Hardiman; Irish Minstrelsy, 1831.Hall, Mr. and Mrs.; Ireland: Its Scenery and Character, 1840.Hall, Mr. and Mrs.; A Week in Killarney, 1843.Haverty; Three Hundred Irish Airs, 1858.Haweis; Music and Morals, 1871.Irish Penny Journal, 1841.Joyce, P. W.; Ancient Irish Music, 1872.Kohl, J. G. ; Ireland, 1844.Knight; Old England, 1845.Keating; Historv of IrelandEnglish edition, i866.Lynch; Cam brensis Eversus, 1662.Ledwich; Antiquities of Ireland, 1792.Logan; The Scottish. Gael, 1833.Lewis; Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837.Lady Chatterton; Rambles in the South of Ireland, 1839.Lover; Legends and Stories of Ireland, 1848.Lesli&s Popular Monthly, 1877. (Commenced Jan. 1, 1876.)Lady \Vilde; Ancient Cures, C7 iarms and Usages of Ireland, 1890.Le Fanu; Seventy Years of Irish Life, 1893.Lilly Grove; Dancing, 1901.Major; Greater Britian, 1521.Madden; Infirmities of Genius, 1833.Mooney; History of Ireland, 1857.Manson; The Highland Bagpipe, i9oi.Milligan Fox; Annals of the Irish Harpers, 1911.McGoun; The Repository of Scots and Irish Airs, circa, 1803.OConor; Dissertations on the History of Ireland, 1766.OHalloran: A General History of Ireland, 1788.OFarrells National Irish Music, 1797-I8oo.OFarrells Pocket Companion for the Irish or Union Pipes, Books I & 2, i8o6.OFarrells Pocket Coin pan ion for the Irish, or Union Pipes. Books 3 & 4, i8io.O venson, Miss; Patriotic Sketches, 1807.ODonovan; Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, i85i.OCurry; Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish, 1873.OReilly, Boyle; The Poetry and Song of Ireland, 1889.Powell; The History of Cambria, 1584.Plumptre; Narrative of a Residence in Ireland, 1817.Ryan; Worthies of Ireland, 1821.Stanyhurst; Dc Rebus in Hibernia Gestis, 1584.Smith; History of Cork, 1750.Seward; Topographia Hibern ice, 1795.Surenn&s Songs of Ireland, 1854.Shelton Mackenzie; Bits of Blarney, 1884.Thompson: The Hibernian Muse, 1787.Trotter; Walks Through Ireland, i8 oThackeray; The Irish Sketch Book, 1842.Walker; Historical Memoirs of the Jrislz Bards, 1786.Walker; History of Music in England, 1907.CONTENTSCHAPTER PAGEAUThORITIES QUOTED 9I. BARDS AND THE BARDIC ORDERS 17II. IRISh 1-IARPERS 1N HISTORY To TI lE END OF QUEEN ELIZABETHSREIGN 23III. THE BAGPIPE; ITS ANTIQUITY AND DISTRIIIUTION.TRELAND,SCOTLAND, ENGLAND, AND WALES 29IV. PIPERS PENALIZED IN THE SIXTEENTH AND SEVENTEENTH CEN-TURIES 56V FAMoUS IL\RIERS iN ThE SEVENTEENTH AND LATER CENTURIES. .VI TURLOGH OC\Ror \x, AND HIS Tl 1Es 69VII. HARPERS OF NOTE; MISCELLANEOUS MENTION 78VIII. HARPERS AT TIlE GRANARD AND BELFAST MEETINGS 83IX. HISTORICAL ESTIMATE OF IRISH MUSIC 93X. IRISH FOLK MUSICA PRECIOUS HERITAGE 100XI. IRISH FOLK MUSIC \VANING 107XII. IRISH FOLK MUSIC EXEMPLIFIED 113XIII. Trni DEVELOPMENT OF TRADITION -AL IRISh MUSIC 126XIV. FAMOUS COI.LECTORS OF IRISH MUSIC 136XV. THE IRISh PIPER IN IRISH LIFF 150XVI. FAMOUS BAGPIPE MAKERS i56XVII. REVEREND MUSICIANS i68XVIII. GENTLEMEN PIII RS i8oXIX. FAMOUS PERFORMERS ON THE IRISH OR UNION PIPES IN THEEIGHTEENTH AND EARLY PART OF THE NINETEENTH CEN-TURIES 194XX. OLD TIMES 1N COUNTY \\EXFORI) 217XXI. F . rous PIPERS Wiio FLOURISHED PRINCIPALLY IN THE SECONDHALF OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 222XXII. PIPERS OF DIsTINCTIoN LIVING IN THE EARLY YEARS OF THETWENTIETH CENTURY 279XXIII. FAMOUS PIPERS; MISCELLANEOUS MENTION 341XXIV. TYPICAL HIGHLAND PIPERS 34911
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians

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