O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5

O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5
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Regan Printing House, Chicago, 1913
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O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians
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Irish iV [ instrels and Musiciansand more of kindred spirit, who unselfishly volunteered such information as theypossessed to aid in the promotion of a cherished cause. N only that. but anunexpected number on their own initiative, engaged actively in trkcing and bringingto light elusive details, and stories of famous but well-nigh forgotten musiciansof bygone days.For their faithful and tireless cooperation special credit is due to Mr. John S.Wayland, founder of the Cork Pipers Club; Prof. P. J. Griffith of the LeinsterSchool of Music; Mr. M. Flanagan, Dublin; Mr. Patrick Whelan, of Scarawalsh,Ballycarney, Wexford; Prof. Patrick D. Reidy, London; Mr. Nicholas Burke.Brooklyn, New York; Mr. Morgan P. Jageurs, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria;and Mr. Patrick OLeary, Parkside Adelaide, South Australia.To Dr. Grattan Flood, K. S. G., we owe a double debt of gratitude. Not onlywere his published works an inspiration and an aid, but his unfailing kindness andliberality in communicating any desired information deserve much more than thissimple tribute of acknowledgment.Not less willing to be helpful in any way in which their counsel or researchmight be of service were many others to whom thanks are due and whose namesthe writer records with pleasure: Mr. Patrick Dunne Kilbraugh, Ballingarrynear Thurles, Tipperary; Seamus ua Lasaide of the Dublin Pipers Club; Mr.William Halpin, Newmarket-on-F.ergus, and Mr. Patrick Powell of Tulla, CountyClare; Hon. John ONeill, J. P. Sarsfield Court, Glanmire, County Cork; Mr.George A. M. Leech, San Francisco, California; Mr. Patrick E. McCormick,Seattle, Washington; Capt. Michael Dunn, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Mr. WilliamF. Hanafin. and Mr. John Finley, Boston, Mass.; Mr. Patrick J. Touhev, Mr.Patrick Fitzpatrick, and Mr. Frank OCoffey, of New York City. In the City ofChicago as might be expected much valuable information was obtained. Chiefamong the contributors in this respect were Mr. John Gillan, Mr. Denis Maloney,and Mr. Richard Sullivan; Police Officers Timothy M. Dillon, and William Walsh;Sergt. James Early, and Mrs. Jane Early; and Prof. W. H. Cahill.Words fail to express our sense of obligation to Lieut. John McLennan,former head of the Department of Police, Edinburgh, Scotland, for his courtesyin furnishing necessary information relating to Duncan McDougall; and toInspector James R. Motion of the Glasgow police, who kindly rendered a likeservice concerning Peter Kelly, the last performer of note on the Irish pipes inScotland.Few can realize the difficulties encountered in the cluest for reliable informa-tion on which to base the brief biographies of the class dealt with in this work.As a consequence sketches had to be amended from time to time, patched outwith each new crumb of intelligence that came to hand, and rewritten as oftenas the circumstances required.Now that a forward step has been taken in this line of inquiry and effort,others who may follow will obviously he relieved of many perplexities and findfewer obstacles in their path.Chicago, July 4, 1913.1841.AUTHORITIES QUOTEDAnthologia Hibernica, 1793-1794.Aiclay: A Pocket Volume of Airs, Duets, Songs and Marches; Circa i8oo.A German Prince; Tour in England, Ireland, and France, 1832.Armstrong; The Irish and the Highland Harps, 1904.Barnaby Rich; A New Description of Ireland, i6io.Brownes Pastorals, 1625.Bacon; Sylva Sylvorum, 1627.Bunting; A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music, 1796.Bunting; A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland, 1809.Bunting; The Ancient Music of Ireland, 1840.Brand; Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1813.Brewer; The Beauties of Ireland, 1825.Bartlett, Willis, and Coyne; The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland. C ircaBennett; The History of Bandon, 1869.Burke, Rev. Thomas N. Lectures and Sermons, 1872.Bernard; Life of Samuel Lover, 1874.Brown and Stratton; British Musical Biography, 1897.Chaucer; Canterbury Tales. Author died, 1400.Camdens BritanniaIreland, 1586.Campbell, Dr.; Philosophical Survey of thc South of Ireland, 1778.Carr; The Stranger in Ireland, i8o6.Crofton Croker; Researches ill the South of Ireland, 1824.Carleton: Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, 1830.Conran, Prof.; National Music of Ireland, i85o.Durer, AlbrechtWorks. First published, 1603.Dublin Penny Journal, 1832-1836.Dublin Monthly Magazine, 1842.Dublin Illustrated Journal, 1862.De Burgh; Landowners of Ireland, 1878.Davis, Thomas; Prose Writings, 1889.Evelyns Diary, i668.Fuller; History of the Holy Warre, 1639.Frair Clyn; Annals of Ireland. Published, 1849.Forbes, Dr.; Memorandums Made in Ireland, 1853.Fraser, Duncan: Some Reminiscences and the Bagpipe, 1906.Fitz Gerald; Stories of Famous Songs, 1906.Gallilei; Dialogue on Ancient and Modern Music. 1581.Gen tiem ans Magazine, 1751. (Commenced 1731.)Giraldus Cambrensis; Topographia Hibernia (Translated), 1867.Gaskin; Varieties of Irish History, i86q.Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1879-1889.Grattan Flood; A History of Irish Music, 1905.Grattan Flood; The Storv of the Harp, 1905.98
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O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - Irish Minstrels and Musicians

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