Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 2

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 2
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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rFROM THE ARCHIVEA.L a C)CUCc cF-IzUU7L uF-U iF-U-Mr. R. L. OMEALV,The famous Irish Piper will appear In Ancient Bardic Costume nt ti le elocutionaryCompetitions on MONDAY 7 th FEBRUARY, ties,PRESS OPINIONS- - - HEllISH ASSOCIATION IN BELFAST,Me. P I . . C N ni the esi t.ko e ]! I ,i.h Pipe, 5,ci.. pee i i .t. eled i hi. p t 5! ! ]S ci mis. 5 .d lb. .i.Ll nF A Lb LTI L CONGRESS. fe m En1.nd . id Scwlcnd w r , cip.ct.iI Lniere,td ii i th e.Mr. OMe.Iy tt.tri be ted flmt eeq .tt. nislud I . et.,er t1iet en .ndtt the in.ittt m .t *hi h he k i m , ,. howhe irt.h F , ci. Tb . n ,ti .i inecitcet, under hi. m..t.eIy Ce tea with uch e cclTh , D.O e N,,,e-L.li ,,.i nt.ntpubtt, .., ecenied to bubble a . , ,,i e l i ,ellickitg tute-..,The ,,u,.ie eel . fti i i Th e ( cit Ti,,se. D.Wie hnmomy pe 1e td l,y S melise h ind ,,,th i n ch s ubt letyinch gecca 5n4 tr a inflect t,, b . c the Iullcp(e etecI he. g entl e m . p h ying M the n .h h.gpipes it ,athouc eteqce. aelustic ,chiev.m,pt. long tesdiliortil lint, ON..ly, he lemee. trill, Pipse, oteatedtitsi ninetieth of ctttrn,e II tlseeimghLy pprcei.t., Me. q ttta lu,eec t epplet Lii ma,,tlth . ,t,nipulaticn of0 Me.lyi pipes steed it the ,en,r dat tot,ship a the .rdin.ry t S hinar. ii po. e nd the .tq&.st. n.u.enl nc.t,tt . I h&imI.c i i Jyl te thth t L p p rih,t R LC laclir lemu heIn Lhthn. i ttI.eskJittn the beaquttit- The ce c c he tight ring ibont hi. pitying i i hY M . Menain , : r:tjoe. .ieecght a the heir,, ilte wIt aL. eel fth . thing i i Iit.l. OMeety. , ,t ides end prt tce. r e il l y basni llul effect,te l a ce td __fltVc .t E,,,itr Ttleg,qh, i nch Tinji,________________________________________king and buckled shoes,not forgetting a patch nearthe throat which wascovered by a loose clothresembling a handkerchief.Mr Mealy also wore spec-tacles and a beard whileperfonuing.One hears occasional referen-ces to the Ulster style of pipingand the names. of OMealyand Brother Gildas are men-tioned as exponents of thatstyle. OMealy was born inWestmeath and he learned hispiping there. He spent sometime working in Cork beforemoving to Belfast. His styleof piping cannot he relatedin anyway to his residencein that city. Brother Gildas,a Kerryman,. acquired his styleand music from James Burke,who lived at Kilfrush, Co. Tip-perary, while a novice in theDe La Salle house in Hospital,Limerick. Gildas visited Burkeduring the years 1913-18 untilBurke declared he had nothingmore to teach him.Burke was a pupil of Fraher,a Munster piper, who flourishedaround 1800. His name is com-memorated in the tune title,Frahers jig, a tune Gildasgot from Burke but whichnow owes its currency to WillieGlancy who picked it off a no-tation made by the Brother.Gildas was for many yearsheadmaster at the De La-sallesschools in Downpatrick andBelfast. He was friendly withOMealy. His style of pipingwas altogether different fromthat of OMealy and to sayeither style was indigenous toUlster is altogether wide of themark.THE NEW PASTORALBAGPIPEThe Bagpipe of GeoghegansTutor, that you have issuedsome articles about is, in myopinion, identical with the Hy-brid Union Pipe, described thor-Under the heading Ciirsa( ant saoghail in An Piobaire 111(1901-2) Eamonn Ceannt, aftercastigating the adjudication atthe Munster Feis, goes on toridicule the costume worn byOMealy, almost certainly thatdepicted above.Professor Thompson ofCork, and Mr. Mealy ofBelfast, also a professor,played at the evening con-certs upon the UnionPipes. Thompson waswretched and Mealyspoiled his playing by theridiculous costume hewore. It must be borne inmind that the Union Pipesare not much over a cen-tury and a half in vogue.That before this periodthe last relic of Irishnational dress had disap-peared and then ask yourgrandfathers and grand-mothers if they ever be-held a piper in a long-tailed green coat, a yellowkneebreeches, blue stoc-2
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17

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