Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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All piolJMiieI UIMHIR 17MEITHEAMU 1983PIPING COURSE ATDUNMORE EASTMartin Quigley, Regional ArtsOfficer, South Eastern RegionalDevelopment Organisation, hasplans vell advanced for holdinga course in piping for learners,intermediate and advancedpupils. The course will beheld at Dunmore East Co.Waterford, during the weekend23-25 September and partici-pants arc invited from thecounties Waterford, Wexford,Carlow, Kilkenny and Tip-perary. A highlight of thecourse will be demonstrationsof reedmaking by Finbar Furey.Those interested in attendingthe course should write to Mar-tin Quigley, Regional Arts Of-ficer SE, Iiulustrial Estate,Waterfordi\iemb cr5 not attending thecourse may join in the pipingon Friday and Saturday nights.Those who fish should bringtheir gear as well as their pipes.There is excellent sea fishing atDunmore. Ilotel accommodationcovering supper Friday night tolunch Sunday afternoon is avail-able at 40. Inform the Secre-tary if you intend joining theparty, so that economical ar-rangetnents for travelling can beworked out.ARTS COUNCILSCHEMEOrders have been placed for thenew pipes under the Arts Councilscheme for promoting piping.Alan Ginsberg is making onehalf set in C, Robbie hughesfour practice sets and EugeneLamb e is making two halfsets. M I sets will be let out onloai to members. If you knowany aspiring piper who is pre-vented from starting becauseof difficulty or dclay in ob-taining a practice set you areinvited to submit his/her namefor consideration by the com-mittee. Members with practicescts who are advanced suffici-ently to start on the dronesmay, if they wish, submit theirnames to the committee forconsideration when the half setsare being allocated. Membersallocated half sets will be re-quired to make their practiceset available for use by begin-ners.M. Talty speaking at the grave-side of Willie Ciancy during the1982 Summer School. (SeanPotts photo)Martin Talty, founder memberof Na Probairr Uilleann, diedat his home in Miltown Malbayon 16 March, 1983. He hadbeen in failing health for thepast year or two. To Cis, hiswife, Sean and BrId, son anddaughter, NYU offers sincerestcondolence. RIP.About twenty five years agoI first saw Martin. He was onthe platform at the openingof a fleadh cheoll in Miltown.A tall sparse figure, he spokein a matter-of-fact manner. lIewas not advocating a crusadeto save the soul of the youthof Ireland or indulging in bom-bast about the inestimablevalue of our musical heritage,the mes which so often setones teeth on edge on thoseoccasions. Yet one could sensethe conviction behind theahnost conversational tone.Later when I came closer tohim in the first boisterous yearsof Na PiobairT Uilleth n and theWillie Clai cy Summcr Schoolmy first imp ression was con-firmed. h-he was steadfast, cooland clearsighted. A word orphrase uttered with a wrysmile sufficed to deflate thearrogant or recall the impetu-ous to a state of sanity. WithMartins death one realisesthat it is not the place but thepeople in it that attracts one.For the older generation ofpipers who knew him Miltownwill never be the same again. Bil(St t- , jSI
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 17

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