Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 6

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 6
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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Co d /4 -3.From that date until 1912, the year of;publication of the Roche collectionjnothing on the subject was publishedwith the sole exception of Coicloughstutor, which cannot be dated andwhich prior to Dr. Cannons discovery!of an imperfect copy in Dundee, wasknown solely from Goodmans refer-ence to it. This gap of almost a centurycannot but be connected with the socialupheaval brought about by the Famine.By contrast since 1963, with thepublication of Ceo! Rince na hEireann,five books appear in the bibliography(four of them in the addendum). Thismay be as a result of a reversal of theusual position where a number of thesebooks were published to some extent topromote an interest in the music ratherin response to such an interest. But itstill has been the most intensive periodof literary activity in relation to theiinstrument in its history and must tosome degree reflect the healthy stateof the art.The author does not define thecriteria which govern admission to thebibliography. For instance whili theRoche collection is included, O Ne i lland Petrie are not, although both thesecollectors included pieces taken frompipers. O Neill admittedly did notidentify individual sources but Petriein some cases did. Other omissions in-clude An Piobaire itself, (which mayhave been excluded on the grounds thatit is a limited circulation newsletter,and not generally available), Thoseissues of Ceol which contained musicnotated from the playing of WillieClancy md Andy Conroy, and FolkMusic & Dances Of Ireland whichcontains transcriptions of music fromthe playing of Pat Mkchell. Slightlywider terms of rofereni e would haveallowed the admission of further works,not relating to the music but to otheraspects of the instrument, which areexcluded due to the restriction implicitin the title of the book. These wouldinclude books on reedmaking and onthe history and construction of theinstrument.These reservations aside, I must againstate that this is a splendidly producedand most useful book especially for itslistings of the earlier and mostly un-available works. Inevitably furthercollections have appeared since thepublication of this bibliography render.ing it slightly out of date, but thegroundwork is solidly done and thismust make it the basic reference workfor all future studies in this area.Terry Moylan.Letter to R. L. OMoaly from D. Mc c i ii-lough. Dated May 24th. 1912.Dear Mr. Mealy,I hope you will be able to undertake therepairs you suggested to the old set of pipesand would be glad to know when you couldfind it convenient if you will lot me knowI will send them up to you.I have a customer who wants to purchase Ia plain bellows, bag and chanter he is notvery wealthy and wants to know what such aset would cost, Of course, he would notwant to pay no cash and I would have tomake my own arrangements with him as tothese matters.When he had learned to manipulate thechanter etc., he would pmbably want to havethe additional regulator and drones fitted,so I would be glad If you could let me knowwhat these would cost extra, later on.Hoping to hoar from you on these matters.Yours faithfully,D. McCullough.At the top of this letter R. L. bad written Answered 27 May 1912 see large letterbook, and on the reverse side:Dear Mr. McCullough,If you cannot give me a call I will try anddrop into your place soon and finally arrangeabout repairs to the old pipes. Re cheapinstrument; lam and have been always willingto do the best possible to meet the require-ments (at this stage his pen seems to have runout of ink).Letter to D. McCulloug h from R. L.OMealy. Dated 13th. June 1912.I am working hard even day at the oldpipes and hope to have them runished byMonday. The chanter was very troublesomeowing to damage to bore, apart from thekeys it took me 3 whole day s to get itworking properly, in fact the work was likeremaking it, but I suppose I cannot chargeextra for that as I took my cirance. It is nowworking splendidly as you will see. I madethe hag of good, specially prepared skin in thedouble (I mean there are 1 skins in It) andalso put 2 skins of same class in bellows, sothe job is a very lasting One, and a bodyany compass may be added anytime ifrequired. I put 4 new keys on chanter, streng-thened the springs of the others, and put newpads on all. I am giving the best of 7 reeds Imade specially. The best I can do will be45/- or 47/6. I am cutting prices as low as Ican for you. If you wish to hear the chanteror see the job before I deliver the pipes I shallbe only pleased if you give a call. I wont tiein old stock as it would only spoil the job.The skins I use are all specially prepared bymyself. About t he cheap chanter, bag andbellows, Just at present I dont know what tosay as unfortunately, in a few days I will beall alone for some time.(per Wilbert Ganin)Plobaire a thagadh go hOiledn Chlire,.Co. Chorca(, c. 1880.Do sheasuigbeadh dh chpla amachar an urlr. Do sheinneadh an piobairecor agus port doihh, agus nuair a bhiodhan greas rinnee sin criochnujghthe aca,do gheibhgadh an piobaire dh phinginn,mar bshjn an dial fiach a gheibheadhsd ar nahaon ghreas rinnce dh ndeinti.Do stadadh an bheirt chailini agus doblieireadh Ba buachailhf beirt chaihinidIe amach. Do rinnceadh an ceathrarSan greas eile ar an gcuma cadna. Dodiolthai an d phinginn leis anbpiobaire; do stadadh an bheirt bhuach-ail lf, agus ba he sna cailini aunsan boutbhuachailjiI o le a thoghadh.Sin mar a tugthai an aimsir chun gombIodh naheinne leath-tuirseach Achtdh dtugthai aon neamh-shuim saphiobaire n beadh a aigne ssta, dobhuailfeadh stailc e agus do stadadh anceol. Annsan a gheibheadh se deocho dhuine dhe sna buachailli. Seo,adeireadh S e,Dlfadh an piobaire deoch,agus do sheinnfeadh an piobaireport.Lithreach bonn do bhi an stailc ileath-taoibh, agus darfadh s e: Isfearr abhfad sibh n an ceathrar ochianajbh! agus Ic linn an nOimit sindo bhiodh Ba builg aige a fl,scadh,agus an mla i theannadh, agus anceol spreagadh.Dla chad nidh d c, ni fiteadar riggo bhfuil mOr-chuid de phuirt na seana-phiobairi caillthe, leisDo chualadh a n-ainm . - aguscuimhnighim ar chuid aca i gcmh.naidhe: Bacach na nGemaf, An Pocar Bulb, Sile ni Ghadhra, AntSeana-Chaofra adharcach, AnCailin Deas Dorm, BOthar Ba gCloch,Maidin Lao le Pddraig, AzCeannaidhe Sugach, Seana-dhrocli-aidi, agus an ceol ba bhraghtha acago lir . Ag cluithirt an MhadraRuaidh; agus bheith ag eisteacht leis,do chuurfeadli s suan ort. Is sin ansrd ceoil agus rinnce do chonnac agusdo chualadh fin nuair a bhios Og;agus t fluios ag an saoghal gur bre ghtha ng an casadh timcheall sin a bhionnat siubhal anois do chuirfeadi. meadhrnim cheann dh mheinn ag fachaintair; mar adeireadh na rinnceojrj sanaim sir UdDhd bhfaghainn-se pinginn dhonphiobaire,Agus canna maith dighe I c noi,Braon de uisce na digheNi raghadh im chroidhe go deo. Conchubhar O Siothchin, Sean-chas C/i/dire, B.A.C. 1940, Igh. 205.9.(per N.OC.)
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12

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