Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 5

Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12, Page 5
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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dearness of almost every article of provi-sions Dignam adhering to his originalmotto OP. (old prkes) has made noadditional charges on his customers.April 4, 1812We are happy to inform lovers ofIrish music that Mr Talbot the cele-brated performer on the Irish Pipes hasreturned from the Country and renewedhis engagement with Mr Malone of TheOld Struggler Tavern, Cook Street,where a set of rooms are fitted up par-ticularly adapted for the purpose. MrTalbot gives instructions on the IrishPipes at his lodgings, No. 30 Corn-market. Any commands for instructionleft at Mr Malones will be attended to.Jan. 22,1813CHARLES MCOYWHO has been ta ught by POWER thecelebrated Munster Piper, returns hissincere Thanks to his numerous friendsand the Public for their kind supportthese several years back and nowinforms them that for their accommo-dation, he has again returned fromCape Street to his large spacious room,No. 15 CRANE LANE next door hutone to Dame Street where he has playedthe pipes for many years and fromwhence lie has been absent only a fewmonths lately occupied by Mr JamesGibney and now in the possession ofMR PHILL SMITH who, from his clearattention to his Business and choice ofArticles in his time hopes to give to all ageneral satisfaction.Nov. 10,1813NB. MCoy commences every eveningat 7 oclock . Morning and EveningPapers A Boy wanted to draw porter.Nov. 11, 1S13(For an account of Jack Power seeSome Munster Pipers, iii An Piobafre,Vol. II, Nos 910. A portrait of himwas in the possession of a Dr Murphy inCarrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary about19 10).LAMB A LLEY TA VERNCOR N MARKETCHARLES DRUMGOOLE, proprietorol the above old popular establishmentsincerely thanks his friends and thePublic for their long and distinguishedpatronage: and assures them that everyexert ion in his power shall be cont inuec lfor their future accommodation andcomfort. His home shall always be sup-plied with the best articles in his line.I lis terms are reasonable. Breakfasts areready for 9 till 1. Dinner from 2 jill 7and refreshments at all hours of the day.A few Gentlemeti wishing to dietsclectly may on suitable introductionsjoin the boarders who dine each dayprecisely at 5 oclock.For the further inducement andpleasure of his Friends the proprietorhas commodiously fitted out a Largeand Spacious Room upstairs whereWM TALBOT the celebrated andunrivalled Munster Piper and FlageolelPlayer performs every evening from 8until 12 oclock.Dec. 17, 1813The Irish Pipes Keating who playsevery evening at the OP. Tavern, hasdeservedly received the mosI flatteringtest inionials of aPprobation during hisstay in England. Not only has he per-formed in Oscar and Malvina at DruryLane and Covent Garden but has hadthe distinguished honour of playing inprivate in the presence of the PrinceRegent and the two Allied Sovereignsby each of whom he was highly comple-mented. Keal ing has certainly merit of110 ordinary description. His executionis remarkably brilliant. I his taste is excel-lent, his udgement good and assisted bya very correct ear he is enabled toFirst letter to R. 1.. oMealy from 0.Mc cullough Pianoforte and Organ Dealer,18 Howard Street, Belfast. Dated Feb. 280.1912.Dear Sir,As I have an enquiry and get them oc-casionally about Iji lhlean Pipes I wou ld heglad if you would drop me word as towhether you could supply me with them attrade prices or not and what your quotationsfor them would he.Yours faithfLihly,0. McCullough.Second letter froni 0. Mccullough. DatedMarch 8th. 1912.Dear Mr. Mealy,I have just got a set of Uillean Pipes in forrepair to-day and would be glad if you couldundertake to put them right for me; theyseen to have been a pretty good set, hut areold and have got knocked about a lot. If youwould care to put then, ri hands, let me knowand I will have them sent up to you or if youdesire to see them first. Just drop In c a card,Yours faithfully,0. McCullough.Reply (Postcard). Dated March I I di. 1912.master passages hitherto considered toodifficult to be attempted on the Bag-pipes. The imperfections of the instru-si lent appear to vanish beneath hissuperior skill, lie performed the SoldierTird last night with great effect and hehas even executed a very difficult pas-sage in a concerto.Aug. 23. 1834(Keating is the blind piper to beassociated with Oscar alld Malvina. aballet-pantoininie choreographed by aDublin ballet master named Byrne andfirst produced in 3792 in London. Theothers were OFarrel, author of the tutor for the pipes and The PocketCompanion, etc. and Deins CourteneyThe Covent Garden Piper, all obitu-ary of whom appeared in An liobaire,iVo l. I, No. 31132.The pantomime was based on JamesMacpliersolls Ossian (1760) and thetitle page of 0 Farre ls tutor shows hiltin tile costume which he wore in it ---skin tigl lt tartan trews, a short jacket, aHighland leather borniet. A portrait ofCourteney, lately discovered by NicholasCarolan, shows Ii In in more-or-less thesatne rigout.Sean DonnellyLetter from R. I.. OMealy to I). McCul-lough. Dated 4th. March 1912.Dear Mr. McCullough,I can only quote prices on the commissionprinciple because, as you know, all my instrti-ments are made to suit individual customers.I have no such thing as a price! So what Isuggest to you is that I allow you a com-m iss ion on the cash sale price of I D percent that 5 in the pound. I can make a cheapinstrument; chanter, bag and bellows, from4, on which your commission would be8/-. Better instruments would he dearer;a complete set could be supplied from 25which would cost you 22-los. Of course Ihave to insist that the customer only pays myprice as it might lead to awkward misunder-standings, if my price was departed fromeither more or less, and these are tho pricesthat I would supply anyone with pipes of asimilar workmanship and materials for.The best plan is to find what the customerwants and what he is wwing to pay, then Ican quote a description of the instrument asnear as possihie. I niake up to 60 instrumentsand could even quote higher for any specialfittings and niaterials.I will he glad to give you any informationabout prices and details that you require.The following are prices 4, 6-ID, with oneregulator and drones 1610; the same inebony 22 and so on. These prices are cashthat is to say t/3 of the price with 0 I -r andthe balance on delivery. Further. rn ofcourse wijI understand that douh lr antersand other specialities would cost eMiYours faithfully,R.L.O Mealy.IN BELFAST 70 YEARS AGO\Vont be duwn town this week 1 youcould have them sent tip Ill examine them.Most old sets are so troublesonl o to repairthat the work does not pay and many are notwithin the range of possibility.Yours faithfully,Lconfa. ve&.-.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 2, Issue 12

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