Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14, Page 2

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14, Page 2
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(102)AN TIONOL PIOMIREACHI 1971+ The seventh annual convention of NPU will be heldIn An Grianan, Termonfechin, commencing on May 17th. Details of the programmewill appear in our next number. A large scale exhibition covering all aspectsof the pipes is being prepared. An Alboka , a hornpipe procured by RonnieWathen from a Basque player on the hills south of Bilbao will be on display.Other members who have Items of interest or curiosity are invited to help in thisexhi bit Ion.AN tOIREACHTAS . NPU on request took part in the public exhibition coveringcultural actrvlties which was presented during the Oireachtas in October last.Although hastily organised and put together, the variety and the quality of theexhibits on NPU stand was the subject of favourable comment with the manyvisitors who daily thronged the exhibition hail of Ireland House. Memberswere present each day and took part In the talks and lunch time concertsorganised as part of this event.A hAON IS A DO DEN PHIOBAIREACHT The Societys plan to publish a collectionof pipe music transcribed from the archives and to dedicate this column to thememory of Willie Clancy has been welcomed by members. It is proposed to includebiographical notes of all pipers represented inthe collection, accompanied asfar as possible with photographs, Garech de Brun has kindly offered any itemsrequired for this purpose from the photographic library of Claddagh RecordsOther members who have clear prints of any of the older pipers are requested tolet Terry Moylan have them on loan for copying if necessary, The Willie ClancyCommemmerative Committee are participating in the production of this memorialvolume, by undertaking to meet the cost of the art work, block making etc,involved. Music transcriptions are being done by Pat Mitchell. We make aparticular appeal to American members who may have access to recordings oncylinder or disc to let the Secretary have clear copies of this material.Members too, who have recordings of Willie Clancy or can procure recordings onloan are earnestly asked to send these on for examination in case they containany tunes not already in the archives. This work is being pushed ahead as amatter of urgencya publisher has already agreed to accept it. Members we hopewill respond to this appeal without any delay.From the Secretaj 1 : Sean Reid in a recent letter mentioned that OMeally hadtold him September was the best time for cutting elder to make guills andthat it should be second year growth. The elderberries were still rLpeningat the end of September and the start of October last year, so I would agreewith Seans further remark that October, November and December would also besuitable. I do not think the wood should be cut until the sap has stoppedrising so as to enable it to be seasoned properly. The second year (1972)growth may be recognised by the fact that it ill have other thinner branchesgrowing from it. These thinner branches are the outer ones which bore leavesand are the 1973 growth. The walls are far too fragile on the 1973 growth,to be useful.BILLY OMALLEY (Piper )Thursday midsummer day, Louisburgh I heard of a blind piper, a Billy 0 Malleywho had the greatest variety of Irish songs. I came to him. He had a housefullof young people dancing. I found he had many songs which had not qot before.I agreed to meet him next day. I returned to ODonnells. Got some dinner. Hadsome beer with a Tom Byrne, a weaver, a quack(and a farrier), a conversible manwho offered to introduce and direct me to all the best singers and also to getme free passage into all the islands.FRIDAY 25 Paid my bill 2/2p and went to the house where I had seen Blind Billyyesterday. Sent for him. Gave him a shilling and grog. Took down six goodsongs. Cost me 2/8k. My money is near gone. I came to Westport.TUESDAY 6th To breakfast, Mr Bunting came. Settled with Mrs. McMyler 19 quarksand 21 meals. Borrowed from her cash 1 i/ 1 id. Came to Louisburqh eveningto Noras and sent for Blind Billy. Two half pints 1/ld.Wednesday 7th Blind Billy came, one half pint in.THURSDAYBth In Noras with Blind Billy till evening. Got 17 songs. Cost 6/6d.THURSDAY nipht . ll.oclock. Came to Westport 3 naggins.DIARY OF PATRICK LYNCH, LOUGHLINISLAND, CO. DOWNDiary of Patrick Lynch, Loughlinisland, Co. Down, Irish scholar, who wasemployed by Edward Bunting to collect Irish songs. Lynch travelled throughConnacht in the sumer of 1802 and collected hundreds of songs which un-fortunately Bunting neglected to use.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14

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