Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(101)na pIobairi uilleannari PfoBairzeeaE hrza 1974 (irr hw 14/13This issue is not restricted to two pages because of a fuel or papercrisis. In fact, a double number extending to ten pages had been preparedtowards the end of last November and left in for reproduction but for some,so far inexplicable reason we have failed to receive delivery. After a gooddeal of wasted effort trying to retrieve the orginal material it was thoughtbest to issue this emergency number. Our next number which will make amendsto members will appear in the first week of March.We have been led to believe that good news may be expected very shortlyfrom the City Corporation about the premises for our new head quarters, tocommemorate no doubt, the first anniversary of our econd application.A fortunate misunderstanding on the part of Gareth de Brun and PaddyMaloney about the time of the October meeting saved the Council from acuteembarrassment and the members from confusion and disappointment. The ladyowner of the Belvedere Hotel had brazenly repudiated the booking for themeeting made months previously with the former owner. The two members turnedup at that hotel in the afternoon to attend the meeting and came over toParnell Square to find out what was happening, while the council was actuallydiscussing the problem. Garech de Brun immediately got in touch with theManager of the Wicklow Hotel who, at scarcely an hours notice, arrangedaccommodation (gratis) for the meeting and the friendly atmosphere of the hoteland the pleasant and efficient service of the staff made the meeting a memorableone, Some sixty members were present and unanimous agreement was given for holdingAn Tionol l974 at Termonfechin. Plans to compile a collection of pipe musicdedicated to the memory of Willie Clancy were put before the meeting and memberswere asked to let the Secretary have details of any gramphone or other recordingsof pipe music they might have 0 The names of pipers and tunes are all that arerequired at this stage. Members having photographs of pipers whose musicmight be included in the volume are asked to let T. Moylan (9 Hamilton Street,Dublin 8) have a description of such pictures 0Word has been received from Coisde Chuimhneachtaifl Willie Clancy that aschool to be dedicated almost entirely to pipes and piping, is being arrangedfor the period 20 27 July next at Miltown. Last years event was marred bythe machinations of musical wardheelers and it is reassuring to know thatsteps have already been taken to prevent a reoccourence of last years debacle.Members who decide to participate in this school can confidently look forwardto a week packed with enjoyable and profitable activities.ClasSes in all aspectsof pipe making are being planned; bagbellowsand reed making will be demons-trated and what is left of the day will be occupied by lectures, exhibitions,tutorials. Informal meetings of piping and conviviality will doubtless borrowmornings. As this advanced notice will permit members to arrange theirholidays to fit in with the school it is expected that this commemorative eventwillvle even with the annual Tionol. Our thanks to Gail Kendal for new designfor An Phiobaire and for design for cover of exhibition catalogue.With distaste one records the condut of an overseas member, here lastSummer. Articles lent to him as a special favour were casually left behind athis least known place of abode and a notebook, invaluable to its owner, was notreturned at all. None of the members aggrieved has r3ceived an apology orexplanation since.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 14

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