Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(9L .)i a pIbahl u$4eaun,4ri joUIMH. 13 BEALTAINE 1973Failte ogos fiche romhat, a phiobaire, ag Tionol 73. Se an trio huair againn e idlearmonn Feichin agus to muid chomh cleachtach sin leis on nGrianan is gondunfa moldbearna no bliona ota caife i meandar no dho. Ach to bearnal eile ann i mbliana nachlionfar go brach.O.bhi;muidanseo cheana ta beirt chomhalta, Liam ac Fhlannchu ogusNed Stapletun imithe arsll na firinne, suaimhneas agus solos rio bhFiaitheas doibhTa muid fos gan aras ceart agus is mor ata sin dar gcoinneail siar. Nil an alt a bhfuilmuid feiliunach no coirluil, le hoghaidh ranganna a sheoladh mar is ceart no leis onabhar ata bailithe againn a thaisbeannt le go mbeadh fail ag no comhaltai air. Is beaga shil mold go mbeodh aon chonstaic romhor romhainn nuair thosaigh muid ag pie leisan mBardas agus to soil againn nach fal go hoer e an staighre miotail seo ata antOifeach Doiteain iarraidhWe have come up against an unexpected obstacle in our efforts to acquire a new premises.The Fire Officer of the City Corporation among other requirements stipulated that alter-native means of escape be provided from upper floors to discharge direct to open air atground level and place of safety and an enquiry at that officers department elicited thefact that nothing but a metal stairway would satisfy that requirement. The obstacle,strangely enough, consists, not in our meeting the cost of such a stairway, which isbeyond our means in any event, but in that a stairway of the kind could not, becauseof Town Planning requirements, be erected in the front of the premises and one erectedin the rere would be unacceptable since there is no safe exit from the area into which itwould descend . The Corporation has been asked to cast a sympathetic eye on the caseand the departments involved, it is understood, are consulting with each other to see whatway can be devised out of this impasse.The Committee ore making a collection of the music of Willie Clancy for the archives ofthe Society. Members who have any material recorded from WilUe on pipes or wh fle,are asked to lend it for examination and copying. All material collected so far has beenindexed musically so that no undue delay should occur in returning any material lent forthe purpose. Please advise the editor if you can help.Activities commemorating the memory of Willie Cloiicyon Milfown Maibay in July 29/August 4 next will include a summer school of piping conducted by Seamas Ennis. Acertain competence in playing is required for participation. Members able to be inMiltown during the period and wishing to be considered for admission to the course,should leave their names with Pat Mitchell during the weekend of An Tionol.Your annual subscription to NPU is now due. Please note that no copy of An Piobaire,notices or other communications, will be sent to any member who is in arrears.The Committee are anxious to make for the archives a recording of each member presentat An Grianan. Even a tune or two will suffice. Tom Munnelly has been deputed to makethese recordings and members are asked for their fullest cooperation. A continuousperformance of piping is being arranged at the request of members who wish to hear themusic in surroundings conducive to good listening and recording. The times and locationfor this feature will be shown on the programme received on booking.
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 13

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