Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 10, Page 3

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 10, Page 3
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(77)DESCRIPTION OF THE ZAKK, BAGPIPE, MALTESE ISLANDSLocal name : iz-zakk or cirimella.BAG: Kidskin, hair displayed. Hind cnd c -d hind legs tied outside and sealed withpitch. Left foreleg takes a cane blowpipe which is valveless. Right forelegtied. Neck rolled back and whipped to form a chanter stock. Alternatively,dog skin often used for bag.CHANTER: Two 1 cm. cylindrical bore lead pipes held in a cane yoke of 2.3 cm. borewith 11.6cm. of their total length exposed. Upper end sunk in putty; lowerend tied onto a notch in the yoke. Left pipe: 5 holes, upon which the melodyis played. Right pipe: 1 hole corresponding to bottOm hole of left pipe,provides a continuous drone.Fingering: first three fingers of left hand covering holes 1,2,& 3 of left pipe;first finger of right hand covering hole 4; and the second finger of the righthand covering hole 1 of the right pipe. Hole 5 of the left pipe is never covered.HORN: Whole chanter is pushed into a gaily decorated, serrated cows horn of about 40cm. in length. Three slits have been cut in theright hand side of the horn,about- the way up, to serve as vent holes. A number of sma!ler holes have been boredthrough the upper side of the horn in an ornamental fashion. Around the mouth ofthe horn is attached a twisted silver chain and to this are attached coloured ribbons. A small cowre shell too is linked to the chain and this, it is thought,served to wardoff the evil eye. An added piece of ornamentation is a brass cap badge belongingto the Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) who have been stationdin Malta severaltimes during the past 150 years. REEDS: A 7 cm. long downcut single cane reed is set in the top of each pipe, the yokeextending the full length at the front and rds the circumference of the chanter togive protection to the reeds whilst in the bag.J.K. PARTRIDGE(1) Anthony Baines. Occasional Papers on Technology, 9.: BAGPIPES .Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.(2) Transcription of melody and comments thereon will appear in our next number.* *** ** * ** ** ** * **** ** * *** ***An Piobaire is typed and printed by Excel Secretarial Services,29 Clare Street, Dublin 2.Telephone : 64732.CHANTER.VRP WN BYOkN FIELb .
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 10

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