Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 8

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 8
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(39)was read out at the monthly scoraiochtai arid the last minutes entered in the minute book relate to adecision to prepare a news sheet dealing with the progress of the club for circulation through the postto all pipers (1LXlI., O3),While S. Ua Casaide was acting secretary in the absence of Ceannt through a cycle accident theweekly reports are given in much greater detaiL Mr , O Hara, we read, declined to teach dancingexcept at the exorbitant charge of 5/ per night. it was decided to ask Mr 0 McCarthy to do so at3/ a night. Should he refuse, P Archer, a committee member, should be asked to do it gratis.Mr. Thos, McDonnell, Julianstown, wrote for information as to the enrolment of Patrick Ward ofDrogheda who would be competing at the Feis Ceoil, A long communication was received from theCork Ptipers Club asking the club to look after Patrick GaHagher, Louisburgh, and Michael Sullivanwho would be passing through Dublin shortly 0 The Cork secretary gave an interesting account oftheir forthcoming Feis, stating that three entries had been received for the pipesmaking competition.He also announced that a lady member, Miss Barry, would be competing in Dublin, (3 0 V . O1) ,Mr. Kedney of G 0 P 0 0,,Dubfln, gave an interesting account of an interview with Mealy of Belfastwho showed him his pipemaking instruments and machinery 0 Amongst other chanters he displayedto Mr. Kedney was a double chanter made from a mu!e s shinbone 0 Bhrfrrp(obacbeagaagus aonphiob m 6 r ann, achfhiraibh rinna or bith. page 30$$$$$$$$$$$$$WAKING THE PIPER IN THE 18TH CENTURYIt was about ten in the morning the room was strewed with empty bottles, some broken, some inter-spersed with glasses, plates, dishes, knives, spoons, &c 0 , al l in glorious confusion. Here and therewere heaps of bones, relics of the former day s entertainment, which the dogs, seizing theiropporh nity, had cleanly picked 0 Three or four of the Bacchanalians lay fast asleep upon chairs,one or two others on the floor, among whom a piper lay on his back, apparently dead, with a table-cloth spread ov.r- hvn , and surrounded by four or five candles burnt to the sockets; his chanter andbogs were laid scientifically across his body, his mouth was quite open, and his nose mode ampleamends for the silence of his drone,Hod I never viewed such a scene before, it would have almost terrified me; but it was nothing morethan the ordinary custom which we called waking the piper . when he had got too drunk to makeany more music.Barrington s Personal Sketches, etc.Comhairle 0 Chondae an C$ air0 , . 1/ /Mar a duirt mac an fheirmeora leis an gcaihn a bhi or ti p obaire a phosadh.B fhearr dhuit a bheth ag isteacht le geimneach na mb ag teacht or an macha; seanceol ba bhinne agus ba bhr aghtha, agus n(bheidhl n trJmpa, fJd t naspinet, rid an piobaire iscliste dar th inic 0///////j//,//At the Tobar Gle on Friday nights Seamas Ennis offers a feast oftraditional music and song. Admittance 5/* * * * * * * * * * * * * *An Piobaire is typ ed nd printed by Excel Secretarial Services,29 Clare St 0 ,Dublin 2Telephone 64732,8
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4

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