Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 5

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 5
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(36)The club was not concerned solely with the union pipes 0 Ceannt himself and other membersalso played the war pipes and the committee debated whether the set with two drones or threedrones should be promoted by the club (8 .V.03) . The two drone set would be regarded as thenative type, the threedrone set as proper to Scotland. (The set my father owns from this periodsuggests that the twodrone set won the day) 0 Cecrrnt proposed later that a Scots soldier should beengaged to teach these pipes in the club and that a pipers band should be formed immediately 0Sean 0 Faircheallaigh, then Chairman, opposed the motion declaring that while he remained onthe Committee he would maintain his opposition 0 The Committee felt it would be difficult to geta teacher otherwise but agreed to advertise for one (29 .Vl . 03) . No replies to the advertisementbeing received, the Secretary was directed to enquire of the Pipe Major of the SeaforthHighianders if he would take on the class 0A new club was formed in Galway (22.Vlll . O3) and the Limerick club split by dissension,with threats of forming another club in that city (21 .lX. 03) . Martin Reilly had not receivedany payment from the Ofreachtas. The Secretary threatened the Oreachtas that unless Reilly waspaid immediately he would publicise the matter in the press (210 lX ,03) . Seamas Cassidyunexpectedly resigned from the Committee without assigning any reason 0 He wished however, hewrote, to continue as an ordinary member of the club 0 The Secretary was asked to enquire ofCassidy why he resigned and Michael Deegan who subsequently became Secretary of the club wascoopted onto the committee (13.Xl .03) .The final entry in the minute book regarding the issue of a newsheet has already beenF F ./referred to, And this, to borrow a phrase from the lnsh scribes, concludes eachfrai na bpiobairtI -o thus go nuige sea.Breand i Breathnach.PIPERS CLUB CONCERTThe concert of the Pipers Club, held in the Large Concert Hall of the Rolunda on Saturdayevening was very largely attended, and a really excellent programme was submitted 0 Thefirst item was a wellrendered selection on the pipes and fiddle by Messrs 0 Kent, Dorai and OToole,followed by a double jig, in which Misses Cahill and McQufl Ian and Messrs 0 Doran and Cosgrovetook part 0 Miss May Carrolls song was fully appreciated 0 The selections on the iarp; by Mr. OwenLloyd were of course given in a very finished manner 0 The threehand reel by members of theMacHale Branch was very neatly executed 0 Martin Reilly, of Galway, is now one of the all tooscarce old pipers, and has certainly wonderful mastery over the delightful instrument. The playingof The Fox Chase was a marvellous example of what may be styled musical realism, and so wasThe Battle of Aughrim . Pat McCormack of Ardee is also a very skillful performer on the pipes 0The cello playing by Miss May Reidy was a welcome contribution to the evenings entertainment 0Mr 0 Nicholas Marky, who is so prominently identified with the club, gave ample indication of hisskill, and amongst others who appeared with much success were Mr. Cathal McGarvey(recitations), James Enns (selections on flute), Charles Cosgrove (hornpipe), Thos. Currin (song),Mrs. Kenny (fiddle), Thomas Fitzgerald. A four-handed reel was given by members of theColmcille Branch of the Gaelic League.Freeman s Journal, 15 December, 1902.A CHALLENGE TO IRISH PIPERSBallinasloe, August 18th, 04.I, DENNIS DELANEY, Irish Piper, Ballinasloe, feeling aggrieved at the way I havebeen treated at recent Competitions, now Challenge any Irish Piper to play Two Dozen Tunes,One Dozen Irish Jigs and Reels, a HalfDozen of Irish Traditional Airs, and a HalfDozen ofMoore s Melodies for the Sum of 10 aside, and I will leave the judgment to the best judges ofMusic of Dublin, Belfast, or Cork, and will meet the Competitor half way there.SignedDENNIS (his X mark) DELANEY.Withess James Kilmartin,Journalist,BallinaSlQe,(Freemans Journal, 19,8.1904).5
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4

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