Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 1

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 1
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
periodical Editor
Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(32)U1MHIR 4 MARIA 1970Dhi ltaigh m an cothd , an leothanach seo den iris a fh g ii bdi mar chomhartha griodd ffa do luchtI. I I I rI . - I . . .a ieite a iognad cunamn ata me a mail o na baill lena cur le cheile. Ni horn fain an iris seo no, ., Ii .I . ,. nil me ag pie ieitne le sasamh intinne a thobhairt dom fein. is leis NPU i agus sen fa or cuireadh1 - / . / , I.as bun i an chead Ia gur shil an Chomhoirle gur mo dha fhonn a bheadh or no baill fairneis agusseonchas dtaobh no bpIobairiogus no bpiopaia chruinneoii dh6bhfeididfs or bail i oradh a nd rachtis a saothar I gcl6. Tas ogom noch mbeadh deis ach ag duine f och de no baill goil isteach soLeabhorlonn N isii nta no so gCoimisli n B aIoideasa og iorraidh bhair. Ach nil boil or bith faoinI . . / 1 / . . . tuoith, dha fhod o thoiscleonno is o chnuasachtoi e, nach mbeadh tuairisc eicint le fail aige faoi no/ , .- I I . I.seonphioboiri a bhiodh ag god thort fado ach searradh a bhaint as fein agus a got 1 omach or an toir.N(bheidh roth go deo or an soothar mar a nd ino muid or fad comhar.The temptation to leave this page blank as a silent but eloquent reminder of the lack of assistancefrom members in producing this bulletin has been resisted. I should like, however, to point out thatAn Piobaire is not a personal venture of a private vagary of the Editor. Your Council though theaim of NPU to gather all available information about pipers, pipes and pipe music would be bestadvanced by the publication of a bulletin or journal. It was hoped that members would be moreenthusiastic and assiduous in searching for and setting down lore on these and other relevant topicsif they could be certain of seeing the result of the labour in print. Admittedly very few membersore in a position to visit libraries and institutes in search of material. There is no member, nomatter how far he may be from such centres, who cannot gather information about old pipers whofrequested his locality in olden times. Your Council earnestly hope that the hint will be token.The excellence of the reproduction in our lost number of diagrams and musical notation shows thatfresh fields are open for cultivation. Articles on pipemaking in all its aspects, on the soundqualities of the music or, for example, on the identification of pipes by old makers could not beadequately treated unless furnished with proper and copious illustrations. This it is now possibleto do in the bulletin. Again, no music as yet has appeared in An Piobaire. The way is now opento reproduce settings of pipe music. Here a great deal of experimenting will be necessary to seeto what extent and how accurately the different forms of ornamentation con be shown in a trons-scription. The short comings and inconsistencies of ones own method only become apparent oncomparison with other methods. The convenience, to younger pipers particularly, of establishingo uniform, clear and unambiguous method of setting down pipe music is obvious, It is not in mind,of course, to end up as the Scots hove done in having prescribed texts where to substitute one formof ornamentation for another is to commit a fault. What is in mind is to hit on a reliable methodof showing how a tune was played on one occasion, not how it should be played on every otheroccasion. A cordial invitation is extended to our sponsors, Seamas Ennis and Leo Rowsome, tostart the boll rolling by furnishing transcriptions, designed to show fully how they have rendered afew of their own fovourites.Rev. Brother Allen, OConnell Schools, North Richmond St., Dublin, has placed readers deeply inhis debt by making available for examination and permitting fully the use of the contents of thefirst minute book of Cumann no bPiobairidhe, BIatha Cliath, the first pipers club in Dublin foundedseventy years ago. I wish to thank him personally for this great favour,for the hospitality enjoyedwhile consulting the volume and for supplementary information he kindly vouchsafed on some of thepeople mentioned therein, It will be of interest to members to know that the ties between NPU andthe old club are closer than merely the sharing of similar objectives and interests. Our sponsors, LeoRowsome and Seamas Ennis, and the writer are sons of members. As an acknowledgment of this linkand as a mark of gratitude to Borther Allen copies of An Piobaire are being deposited in the Museumfor permanent association with the minute book. 1I? P 1 0b4J
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 4

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