Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 11

Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 11
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Píobaire, An
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(jo)Tie this in such a way that you wiU see it bringing the edges of the blades together a little,This does good by helping the wax end and saving the blades from cracking up. Be careful atend of staple, give time, and don t pull too much. Sometimes it is necessary to go even morethan 3/16 above the end of the staple. If there is a slight vacancy between the blades justabove where you finish tieing donut trouble as t will come airight later. When you remove thetwo dry tieings take some of each blade (bark) with a penknife before you start scraping the out-side. For staunching the tieing the best and easiest thing for you would be old brown soap,rubbed up and down and then rubbed over with a small smooth handle of a tool. Leave yourblades fairly long at first and whilst scraping, crop a very little piece off the blades by placingthe head of reed flat on hard wood and using your sharp blade. If there is much leakage at sidesof blades take your fiat mandrel and gently pull it down the sides and it will close t a bit for you.If the blades are inclined to close too much at the mouth, place a strong ring shaped belt closeto the wax end so to help in opening it whilst you scrape the blades. Remove this and put on aregular belt later. Scrape and crop and do your best Clean the top of a finger and place itfirmly so to stop the end and then by sucking through the staple you will find what leakage youhave, and test it by placing finger and thumb of other hand on the sides of blades. But a!! downthe ages, the best stauncher for leakage at sides of blades is the old brown soap and it lasts forall time. It must not be applied by rubbing up and down Very slightly damped with yourmouth it should be drawn gently across the side of the blades and then settled. From 4 to 5inches is a good length for mandrelsR. L. O MeaIy.((((((0))))))/AN PIOBAIRE BANBhipi baire i gCor no Rk, chomh fada le m eolas agus mar chuala metimpeall cead bliain o sham agus nior fritheadh aon ainm anseo air ach An Piobaire/ . . .7.Ban. Mara bhfuil me ag go1 amu i dtaobh a ainm, Tom Kierse a b i air. Niifhios agam c chaoi ar thainic s ann ach go raibh s p 6 sta ag bean as Car na R, A / . . . 7 /agus gur fhain se ann ach ba cosuil go mbheidir go raioh se posta roimhe sin, ma/ / , . /. ., bhi, mar bhiodh go leor mna siwl agus fir siull ag go1 thart an t am sin agus thainicbean si il amhin thart d fh idfs list it ar bith a dtarlardis ach ba chosi il., I I , i- , , /7gur chaith si seo nios mo na oiche amhain sa teach seo mar thainic a inion isteac1 /. 1/ / ,,. Isan oiche bhi si fein is an inion ag fanacht ann ar ndo agus duirt si lena . . , . mathair, Bhfuil fhios agat , a deir si, Ce ar casadh inniu me ar ma shiui ionnsaiach isteach H Tom Kierse agus, a deir s nach aige at6 an turnapa bul in itmo dhrefhhi r dheas ,?Sean 0 Donnchu,,- , ,Baile n TI Mhoir a d innis.D F. 1969.CEOL AGU.S FEOIL(Fonv1. R4td ni / ta. .ndy)An xrtvnpa b(-U ba. bh,Lnne ecct Le. bcutjtcz. do a. Lghe .ctdka .v chx LbLn mkLt Lc .e do ghe.obh h cUt ph Cnn go bk a.Ln e doLm-Ln t go o t- . m Lo/t.v y11
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Píobaire, An, Volume 1, Issue 3

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