Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 20

Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 20
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Na Píobairí Uilleann
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Chairman, NPU
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Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music
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30Ceol na hEireann Irish Music31August 1793 shows:To the HUMANE, PATRIOTIC, and MUSICAL NOBILITYand GENTRY of IRELANDMR. ARTHUR ONEAL, MUSICIAN,encouraged by the patronage of several respectable and patrioticcharacters, will immediately open, by subscription, in the town ofVirginia, a School for teaching the HARP; where such persons as areunable to pay shall be instructed gratis; the blind in particular, whom hewill also provide with comfortable lodgings, clothes, &c. &c. while underhis instructions; and for the purpose of supporting so laudable anundertaking, a subscription is now opened, and will be thankfullyreceived by Mr. Pat. Dowell, Abbey-street, George Barnes Esq. Denmark-street, Dublin, and Dr. Maguire, Kilmore. - The regulations of the schoolto be under the immediate inspection of the Rev. William Sneyd, rector ofthe parish of Lurgan, and the Rev. Francis OReilly, parish priest of thesame.N.B. As soon as the subscribers [ sic] names are are returned, each shallbe furnished with a printed list of the same.Dated 20 June 1793.That Captain Somervilles name is missing from the above advertisementcomes as a great surprise: ONeill creates the impression that he was theprincipal mover behind this harp-school. Of those mentioned above, only MrSneyd is referred to by ONeill, who was a frequent guest in his house(II p.164). (He also mentions a harper with the same unusual surname whomhe met in co. Leitrim (II p.154).) This harp-school appears to have never got offthe ground and, ONeills claim notwithstanding, the rebellion of 1798 isunlikely to have had much to do with its failure. As was to be the case with theIrish Harp Society, the romantic verbal enthusiasm of fickle upper-class patronswas no substitute for hard cash.REFERENCES1 Aiken McClelland The Irish Harp Society Ulster Folkiffe XXV (1975) 16.2 Mccleiland The Irish Harp Society 18.3 Robert Bruce Armstrong The Irish and Highland Haips (Edinburgh 1904) p.88. Joan Rimmer The IrishHwp (Dublin 1969) pp.65-6. (Rimmer gives a slightly different form of the inscription on p.76.)4 Armstrong Ha /ps p.78.5 The Ancient Music ofireland (Dublin 1840) p. 77 .6 Graham Mawhinney ed/olin ODonovansLettersfrom CounfyLondondeiiy (1834)(Ballinascreen 1992) pp.78, 106, 108.7 Mawhinney Letters p.84.8 Mawhinney Letters pp.42, 93, 96, 112.9 Enri 6 Muirgheasa Dial Chad de Cheoltaibh Uladh (Baile Atha cliath 1934) lch.463. Anotherrelative of the harpmakers may have been the Mr. Kelly of Barleyfields, near Dundalk, co. Louth,for whom an inferior copy of the Downhill Harp was made around the middle of the nineteenthCentury (Armstrong Harps pp.107-8).10 Armstrong Harps pp.91, 95, 110. Rimmer Irish Harp p.7511 Grinne Yeats Lost chords Ceol VII nos. 1 and 2 (December 1984) 15-16.12 John Brady ed. Catholics and Catholicism in the Ei hteenth-centu y Press (Maynooth 1965)pp.168-9.13 Eileen OByrne ed. The Convert Rolls (Dublin 1981) p. 4214 Charles F.amsden Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (outside London) 1780-1840 (privatelyprinted 1954) pp.228-50.15 Bunting Ancient Music p.81.16 TheStoiyoftheBagpipe (London 1911) p.151.17 Dumas Malone et al. ed. Dicdonary ofAmerican Biography (22 vols. New York 1928-45) XVIIpp.586-7.18 Irish Folk Music - afascinating hobby (Chicago 1911) pp.238, 290.19 Irish Minstrels and Musicians (Chicago 1912) p.1 7 0.20 National Library of Ireland MS 2685 p.28 4 .21 1 have the feeling that I once saw it in an old published collection, but a search of various indexesetc. has proved fruitless. -22 Francis ONeill ed. The Music of Ireland (Chicago 1903) p.130.23 J L Campbell An account of some Irish harpers as given by Echlin Ol(ane, harper, anno 1779E (gseVl (1950) 148.24 CoIm 6 Baoill Donn 6 Filbhe E(gse XIX (1982-3) 171-2.25 (Dublin 1786; 2nd enlarged ed., 2 vols Dublin 1818) I p.136.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThe Priest of Lurgan, from the Goodman Collection, is published by permissionof The Board of Trinity College Dublin. I also wish to thank, in particular,Nicholas Carolan, Director of the Irish Traditional Music Archive, for his help onvarious points.Sean Donnelly
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Ceol na hÉireann / Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1

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