Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 45

Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 45
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Browne and Nolan Ltd, Dublin 1913
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music
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74HISTORY OF IRISH MUSIC.75The minstrel ODaIy, who is described by the oldannalists as chief composer of Ireland, and Ollavof the country of Corcomroe died early in 1405.As a proof of the estimation in which Irish minstrelswere held at this epoch, we learn from Froissart that,during the Christmas and Spring of at thesumptuous banquets given by King Richard II. to theIrish chieftains who visited him, these princes, Contraryto English ideas, had their minstrels and principalsen,ants sitting at the same table, and eating from thesame dish as they themselvesIn connection with the year 1399, the death is chronic-led of Conla Mac Neal ONeill, a great benefactor ofthe professors of Irish poetry and music. During thesame year died Boetius Mac Egan of Breffn;, a learnedman in laws and music, who is doscrjbed in theAnnc ls o/ Ulster as ollav in jurisprudenceIt scarcely comes within the scope of this work totouch on literary Irish personages, yet I cannot wellresist the temptation of citing a little-known item ofinformation, namely the appointment of an Irishman asLecturer in Oxford University. This eminent divine-.-..Matthew O}fowen (Owens), son of the Odllinne, oflnishkeen on Lough Erne_lectured Continuously atOxford for fourteen years, and died on September 4th,1382. His son, Matthew, was chaplain of Inishkeen,whose death occuj red on October 11th, 1393, as isrecorded in the Annals of Ulster.composed, This he did in 1750; and it will be found in Walker andIlaxdjman. OConors testimony, quoting Handel, may be foundin his Djsse,fatjo, s p. 58. From the concluding stanza the Irishmotto: Gem, mite p5itce has been taken.* Annals of Cloflm soj 5 p. 322.IRISH MUSIC IN THE MIDDLE AGES.On FebVuary 8th, 1396, died Matthew OLuinin,HerenaCh of the Ards [ near Enniskillen], namely, anexpert, learned man, both in poetry and history andmelot y and literature and other arts (Annals 0/Ulster).The advent of Sir John Stanley as Lord Lieutenant ofIreland, in December, 1399, is memorable for renewedhostility to Irish Bards and Minstrels, and as a conse-quence, his Viceroyalty was most unpopular. He leftthe country in May, 1401, and in the August followinghe was succeeded by Stephen Scrope, Deputy for theDuke of Clarence. This brings us to the fifteenthcentury, which demands a chapter all to itself.
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Grattan Flood, Wm. H.
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music

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