Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12

Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12
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Browne and Nolan Ltd, Dublin 1913
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music
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S ORY OF IRISH MUSIC.Gallic (some say Ambrosian) chant which St. Patricktaught.* Even assuming that the plain song of St.Gregory reached Ireland about the year 620, which isimprobable, Irish psalmody and hyninody were distinctlyCeltic in the first half of the seventh century, and weremainly adaptations of the old Irish pre-Christia.nmelodies.CHAPTER II.IRISH Music FROM THE 6TH TO THE 9uH CENTURY.Tim Carmen Paschale of bur Irish Sedulius (Shiel),written in the fifth century, was, according to Dr. Siger-son, the first great Christiat3 epic worthy of the name,the Latin metre of which is decidedly Irish in its charac-teristics. But, from a musical point of view, the beauti-ful Introit of the Mass of the Blessed Virgin SalveSancta Parens enixa puerpera Regem, which is stillsung throughout the Western Church, is the mostglowing tribute to the estimation in which this worthyIrishmans compositions were held by the compilers ofthe Roman Missal and Gradual. Again, in the RomanLiturgy we find our Irish composers abecedarian hymncommencing A Solis ortus cardine; and, as Dr. Healywrites, several other expressions in the Divine Officeare borrowed from the Carmen Paschale of Sedulius.Some critics have, as might be supposed, questionedthe nationality of Sedulius (for there is no contraryopinion as to the authenticity of his writings), but thispoint is set at rest by another Irish scholar of Europeanfame, Dicuil the Geographer. This Dicuil, whoflourished about the year 795, wrote a celebrated treatiseDe Mensura Orbis Terrarum, and, in the second sectionof his fifth chapter, he quotes twelve poetical lines fromTheodosiuS, regarding which he observes that the faultyprosody had the authority of Virgil, whom in similarcases our own Sedulins imitated. Needless to add thatthe mention of nosier Sedulius by Dicuil, fellow-SIIRISH MUSIC FROM 6Th TO 9Th CENTURY. 9* The learned Usher informs us that St. Jerome affirmed thatMark the Evangelist cheated as the Scots do, etc.
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Grattan Flood, Wm. H.
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music

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